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05.03.2023  •  Film NEWS


‘I get dressed so naturally …’ – Rosalie DI NATALE C/O FREDA+WOOLF with a 30-second portrait of influencer and gender-bender Dustin Hanke for ZALANDO X HIGHSNOBIETY


Rosalie Di Natale c/o FREDA+WOOLF for Zalando x Highsnobiety

Director: Rosalie Di Natale c/o FREDA+WOOLF
Client: zalando
Styling: Lia Sadeghi
Hair: Diego Fraile
Make-up: Naomzz
Celebrity: Dustin Hanke

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The short filmed portrait of Berlin style connoisseur Dustin Hanke under the direction of Rosalie DI NATALE c/o FREDA+WOOLF presented here was created for the Zalando x Highsnobiety co-op.

“Playing with different notions of masculinity and femininity, the model and influencer talks about the modern manifestation of formalwear: suits, boots, and everything in between.” FREDA+WOOLF.

Since the fashion blog was launched in 2009, Dustin has chalked up several thousand regular followers of his posts. His extravagant style and growing popularity has brought him the attention of the first brands – this has led to the first cooperations which he can now live off.

“Dustin is an influencer and model from Berlin known just as much for his creativity as for his daring looks and photos. As one of the first male influencers in Germany to live out his homosexuality through fashion in an unexpected way, he became a source of inspiration for a young generation who looks up to his free spirit and rebellious way of thinking.” BYUS & Anuk Rohde.

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Co-Direction Alejandra Ruiz-Zorilla
Art directed by Lula Ososki
Creative produced by Marietta Auras
Photography Matias Alfonzo
Styling Lia Sadeghi
Makeup Naomzz
Hair Diego Fraile

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