27.05.2024  •  Film NEWS


2024 Showreel by Director, Action & Sport Photographer Ray Demski c/o UPFRONT on GoSee


UPFRONT PHOTO & FILM GMBH: Ray Demski Showreel 24

Director: Ray Demski c/o Upfront Photo & Film GmbH
Photographer: Ray Demski c/o Upfront Photo & Film GmbH

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UPFRONT presents Ray Demski’s new showreel here on GoSee. The photographer and director usually produces with plenty of action for clients including adidas, BMW, The North Face, Red Bull, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Audi, Nikon or Puma.

His captivating short film titled ‘Rackham’ caused quite a sensation at various short film festivals.

“Ray Demski is a photographer, cinematographer and director based in the German Alps. Raised in the Canadian Rocky Mountains by eccentric hippie parents, he thrives in environments and with people that challenge the boundaries of what’s possible. He divides his time between high-profile commercial commissions and expeditions to extraordinary places. Widely acclaimed for his action and adventure photography, Ray’s calm and driven energy breathes life into impossible projects, capturing both famous figures and obscure souls with equal precision. At 14, he embarked on a 45-foot sailboat trip around the world with his family. Nearly seven years later, he stepped onto solid ground and has taken each new adventure in stride; climbing El Capitan, swimming with sharks, portrait projects on skid row, shooting from helicopters above Las Vegas, spending months in the Himalaya, and raising two boys. He is relentlessly dedicated to pushing the limits and breaking the mold.”
GoSee : upfront.de