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Authentic, eye-catching and glamorous : Katy Perry exclusively for ABOUT YOU with a video by KAPTURING c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS



Director: Kapturing c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS
DOP: Albert Bleal
Styling: Tatiana Waterford
Hair: Jesus Guerrero
Make-up: Michael Anthony
Set Design: The Ninja Atelier

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Enough about me, what about you? On 2 November, 2022, ABOUT YOU presented the latest International Collection with superstar Katy Perry. Inspired by Katy’s expressive styles, a capsule collection with 81 pieces was designed. In the campaign video by director duo KAPTURING c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS, exaggerated voice-over statements and a wink of the eye by the artist herself give it all the perfect pinch of humor.

Besides her success as a musician, the artist is also known for her great passion for fashion. For many years, Katy has been famous for her brightly colorful styles and expressive looks. “Whenever I design something – whether it’s fashion or shoes – I always ask myself: ‘Would I wear it myself, too?’”

The answer is definitely ‘yes!’ if you ask Katy about her ABOUT YOU capsule collection. “I love combining the pieces with the Fall/Winter shoes of the Katy Perry collections – the complete collection is now available on aboutyou.com,” says Katy Perry.

“We are proud that one of the most famous international singers and greatest entertainers is collaborating with us. Katy was integrated in every step of the capsule – from product development down to the creative concept and the final campaign. Truly 100 percent Katy,” says Sofia Hagemeier, Team Lead Exclusive Cooperations at ABOUT YOU.

KAPTURING – are photographer and director duo Florian and Sebastian, based in Paris and Hamburg : “They met while studying at the renowned Bauhaus University in 2009 and have since worked as a team. Beauty is what they believe in; they dedicate their aesthetic intuition and personal vision to the pursuit of visual beauty. Artistic and visual quality is what guides them during their photo shoots or when they are directing videos. For Kapturing, working as a duo has proven to be invaluably productive because they are a constant inspiration to one another, which increases their artistic capabilities exponentially and leads to an efficient division of tasks in their daily workflow.”

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