15.03.2022  •  Film NEWS


BRODYBOOKINGS casts models for ‘Welcome to THE LÄND’ – a commercial by Director Maximilian Buck for Jung von Matt/Neckar



THE LÄND campaign communicates the various key advantages that make Baden-Württemberg one of the rare places on the planet that offers excellent employment prospects as well as a great place to live. The campaign was developed by the Jung von Matt/NECKAR agency. An international competition was held to select the campaign, supported by an expert jury with backgrounds in business, marketing, press, PR and trade promotion.

Director: Maximilian Buck
DOP: Simon Drescher
Client: bwjetzt
Production: Oh boy films
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt Neckar
Producer: Fabian Baier
Editing: Oliver Don
Visual Effects: Matti Bimbam, Marc Zimmermann, Pawel Sobolewski, Igor Krasik, Michaela Gote, Basti Stanek,
Sound Design: Denis Elmagic
Music: @universalpm_de
Styling: Tanja Gierich
Hair & Make-up: @fernwehdeluxe, Lisa Hilpert
Model: Alessa Maus, Heinz-Jürgen Gross c/o Brodybookings
Model2: Elly Ginz, Evelyn Fortmeier, Jennifer Dürr c/o Brodybookings
Model3: Michael Plesse, Helena Herz, Axel Kamga c/o Brodybookings
Model4: Klára Zdrazilová, Paul Kneule c/o Brodybookings
Art department: Felix Weyers
3D Titel: @bewegtbildgrafik
Voice over: @valentineberlin

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Baden-Württemberg has reinvented itself and will be known for the foreseeable future as ‘THE LÄND’ both in Germany and abroad. Casting and model management agency BRODYBOOKINGS from Stuttgart cast the commercial by Director Maximilian Buck – a successful graduate of Film Academy Baden-Württemberg – with its models. The agency was Jung von Matt/Neckar, and production was in the hands of oh, boy! Films. DOP was Simon Drescher from Trinity.

The campaign THE LÄND communicates the numerous advantages which advance Baden-Württemberg as a hub for technology and innovation in Germany and Europe, and presents the strengths of the region – a place worth calling home with good quality of life and great career opportunities. Because in our global economy, Baden-Württemberg finds itself up against more and more competition for the most brilliant minds. For selection of the campaign, an international tender was conducted, supported by an expert jury from the areas of business, marketing, press, public relations, and trade promotion.

From the initial idea, to realization of the already much debated campaign, it took two years according to Peter Waibel from JvM / Neckar. The process was delayed again and again due to the Corona pandemic, as well as state and federal elections.


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