17.05.2021  •  Film NEWS


MATTHEW JONES presents ‘POLESTAR: CASTLES’ - a short film with a Polestar Engineered Volvo V90


Polestar: Castles by Matthew Jones

Director: Matthew Jones
DOP: Chris Fenner
Editing: Jesse Suchomel
Post Production: Recom Farmhouse
Sound Design: Jesse Suchomel

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“With great pleasure, I present to you my latest film ‘Polestar: Castles’. Captured throughout Northern Georgia and Central Alabama in early 2020, the spec film’s original creative was scripted for a vivid exploration into the daydreams of a 9-5 commuter longing for something greater than the daily routine, fueled through the heartbeat of a Polestar Engineered Volvo V90 Cross Country.

Yet as Covid gripped the nation and lockdowns halted our nimble production for the entirety of the year, the creative seemed to become trivial by the time we were able to resume in 2021 and organically transitioned into a more relatable picture of redefining one’s quality of life – ditching the big cities for more rural and suburban lifestyles, creating new connections, exploring unseen perspectives, and focusing on what makes us happiest in a time of utter darkness and loss while perfectly accompanied by a narrative from the great Alan Watts. Please enjoy.” director and transportation photographer Matthew Jones tells GoSee.

The Polestar Engineered optimization for the motor gives every Volvo its special kick. It improves performance, acceleration, transmission capacity (only automatic), and torque for all-wheel drive, and is an option for new and existing Volvo models.