15.07.2021  •  Advertising NEWS


Nothing less than perfection - the promise of Lakrids by Bülow. The filmed portrait by Director Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER for you on GoSee.NEWS


Mikkel Adsbol & Danish Lakritz Maker

Mikkel Adsbol shot a great reportage film about the danish luxuryconfectionery "Lakrids by Bülow"

Photographer: Mikkel Adsbol c/o Andrea Heberger GmbH

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LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW – are Danish gourmet licorice balls with a sweet licorice core covered in chocolate. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, founder Johan Bülow always knew that he wanted to create something of his own. And it would be licorice – the Scandinavian favorite when it comes to sweets. Licorice is the extract of the licorice root, and since 2007, Johan has found the perfect root for his licorice balls. We present you the portrait of the young Danish entrepreneur filmed by Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER here on GoSee.NEWS. GoSee : lakridsbybulow.comandreaheberger.de