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Illustration • ‘LA MUJER DEL ALFÉIZAR. Returning to the outside world’ – Carmen Segovia c/o 2AGENTEN with a window installation in the Embassy of Spain in Washington DC

24.01.2022 • We are absolutely thrilled about an XL window installation by Carmen Segovia c/o 2AGENTEN at the Spanish Embassy in Washington, DC. In her work, the Spanish illustrator explores the idea of retuning to the outside world, she plays with the inside and the outside, as well as with other dualities which are a part of her : Nostalgia & longing, loneliness & companionship, city & nature, reality & imagination, sensuality & rationality, freedom & confinement …

“I wondered what outside meant for me. Since March 2020, the value of the outside vs the inside had changed. A door was no longer the only thing separating my house from the street. Now, there was something else, something huge, impassable and hard to assimilate; something that was happening to all of us at the same time, both in my street and on the other side of the world. Coming out of lockdown, stepping out of the house, breaking out of the bubble, getting out of ourselves … It is proving to be a shifting path that flows, blends, and becomes contaminated, with others and with time.

To create these illustrations, I wanted to play...

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Illustration • FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE SONNTAGSZEITUNG with atwork by Lorenzo Petrantoni c/o 2AGENTEN, the Master of the Monochrome

23.01.2022 • The 2021 year review for FAZ was illustrated by Lorenzo Petrantoni c/o 2AGENTEN in his very own style. We present you three motifs here on GoSee as well as a glimpse at the exciting portfolio of the graphic designer and Art Director living in Milan. Clients such as BBC, COCA COLA, DEUTSCHE POST DHL, NIKE, SAMSONITE, URBAN OUTFITTERS, VODADFONE or SWATCH appreciate his monochrome style of illustration, and he published in THE NEW YORK TIMES, VOGUE, the WALL STREET JOURNAL or WASHINGTON POST.

“For me, print is just the best medium. I collect these old reference books, make copies of the images I like and then arrange them according to the laws of aesthetics and my training in graphics. I combine images with others that they share a relationship with, or that together determine a theme. I don’t know why the results are so popular – perhaps because the past is in fashion again (...). The combination of black and white has the greatest visual impact possible. If it’s used well, it is more powerful than a rainbow. Of course, it is also faithful to the 19th-century images I use – but on...

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Illustration • ‘This Summer Belongs to America’s National Parks’ Haley TIPPMANN c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated for TRIPADVISOR

21.01.2022 • For TRIPADVISOR, Haley TIPPMANN c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated a guide for indoor people in the great outdoors – to whet the appetite of novice campers, no matter how inexperienced, for a visit to an American National Park.

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