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ILLUSTRATION '¡Vamos Simbiosis! – Building a Partnership with the Sea through Arts and Science' – the artwork for the initiative for protection of the Mediterranean came from Katrin and Kristina c/o ART ACT 

31.01.2023 • We present you the posters here which were created as part of the kick-off event for the interdisciplinary project ‘¡Vamos Simbiosis! – Building a Partnership with the Sea through Arts and Science’ of the University of Heidelberg and LMU Munich.

The project is a think tank of artists and scientists in an attempt to find climate- and environment-relevant solutions that contribute to saving the eco-system of the Mediterranean Sea.

“I want to get you excited about the marine world. I believe that experience, science and storytelling will lead to a symbiotic partnership between us and the environment.” says founder Prof. Dr. Annika Guse, Heidelberg, cell biologist, coral symbiosis researcher, and diver.

“I believe that art could help to profoundly make urgent social issues tangible and that interdisciplinarity is the way to solve them.” Dr. Stephanie Guse, Vienna, artist and water lover, elaborates on the idea.

The posters were designed in cooperation with Katrin and Kristina c/o ART ACT. The integration of art to promote the communication of knowledge and science is an experimental part...

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ILLUSTRATION Successful author Wolfgang Schorlau in an interview for ZEIT Crime – with matching illustrations by Simon BAILLY c/o SEPIA

16.01.2023 • Simon BAILLY c/o SEPIA lives in Lyon and illustrates for an equally multifaceted and illustrious clientele: international magazines, luxury brands, bands and many more.

His latest work was created for an interview with crime writer Wolfgang Schorlau for ZEIT Crime. The stories about private investigator Georg Dengler are bestsellers and have meanwhile been broadcast on TV in a ZDF series. Georg Dengler is a former agent of the German Federal criminal intelligence and security service BKA who went into business for himself as a P.I.. Fellow writers had, however, warned Schorlau that stories about private detectives, unlike their Anglo-Saxon counterparts, wouldn’t be quite as successful in Germany. But he had already written most of his first novel ‘The Blue List’ at the time – too late to change the concept again. Luckily so : Three successful novels about the barfly and blues fan Georg Dengler, operating his detective agency in Stuttgart’s Bohnenviertel district, were published by 2007.

Wolfgang Schorlau was born in 1951 in Idar-Oberstein as the son of a railway official. Following...

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ILLUSTRATION Spring, summer, fall and winter – Anton HALLMANN c/o SEPIA illustrates wine brochures for the SZ SHOP

28.12.2022 • This year, illustrator Anton HALLMANN c/o SEPIA embellished the wine brochures of Süddeutsche Zeitung. His mood-setting illustrations whet the appetite for the special editions all year round. Whether spring, summer, fall or winter – good wine is always a good choice.

“If you take a closer look, you’ll find a well-positioned bottle of wine in each SZ motif. When we select our talent, we always have one goal in mind : We want to create eye-catching images to remember. That requires extraordinary ideas, unmistakable styles, and lots of experience. A combination our talent at Sepia bring to the table.” says Anja Laame, CEO of SEPIA. Sepia has represented handpicked illustrators from across Europe since 2012.

A selection of products from the Süddeutsche Zeitung Edition are also available at the Service Center of Süddeutsche Zeitung. And the team from the Service Center is always delighted when visitors stop by Fürstenfelder Straße 7 in 80331 Munich.

Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) is a German nationwide daily subscription newspaper. It has been published in Munich since 1945 by Süddeutsche...

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ILLUSTRATION Time to get comfy! ‘Comfort Fest’ spots for IKEA and TIMEOUT LONDON by Cathal DUANE c/o JSR AGENCY

30.11.2022 • Illustrator Cathal DUANE c/o JSR AGENCY illustrated for TimeOut London and Ikea’s mutual ‘Comfort Fest’ campaign, advertising for a number of events which took place throughout November in Ikea stores across London dedicated to cosy fun and themed upon everything from comfort food, to comfort lates, comfort crafts and even comfort comedy.


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ILLUSTRATION ‘One card, endless possibilities’ – ODEON CINEMA Christmas gift cards by illustrator RAID71 c/o JSR AGENCY

30.11.2022 • Illustrator Chris Thornley, aka RAID71 c/o JSR AGENCY, illustrated eight gift card designs for Odeon Cinema. The first of which, with a Christmas theme, has just been released as an e-card on the Odeon site.

Raid71 is the alter ego of illustrator and art director Chris Thornley. He creates dynamic art with a retro style of illustration paired with a classic approach and detailed line work. His expert grasp of graphic design and wealth of professional experience ensures he can skillfully fulfill a variety of briefs.


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