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05.10.2021  •  Illustration NEWS


‘Monte Verità – The Rush of Freedom’ – new feature film presents the Vienna Naschmarkt in 1905 in CGI by FISH BLOWING BUBBLES C/O ART ACT


Fish Blowing Bubbles c/o ART ACT

Für einen Spielfilm entwickelte FBB einen großartigen CGI Shot des Naschmarktes in Wien im Jahre 1905. Das umfasste: Komplette Entwicklung der CG-Umgebung (Häuser, Straßen....) Integration der CG Fahrzeuge und Tiere Zusammenführung der vor Green Screen gefilmten Personen und den digital erstellten Menschen. Mehr von FBB

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For the feature film ‘Monte Verità – The Rush of Freedom’ (box office start 23 December, 2021), FBB developed a magnificent CGI shot of Vienna’s Naschmarkt in the year 1905. This entailed the complete development of the CG environment (houses, streets… ), integration of CG vehicles and animals, bringing together the persons filmed in front of the green screen with those digitally generated.

Production of the movie was taken care of by KGP Filmproduction GmbH. Here is a preview for you. 1906: A society in transition, marked by fears and hopes. The first dropouts – among them also the young Hermann Hesse or psychoanalyst Otto Gross – search for their paradise and find it in the south of Switzerland, on Monte Verità. The reformers not only do away with their clothing, but also with the psychological straightjacket which threatened to suffocate society…”

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