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28.02.2022  •  Illustration NEWS


161st birthday of Lou Andreas-Salomé – a Google doodle to honor the exceptional woman who was far ahead of her time by Isabel SELIGER c/o SEPIA

On 12 February 1861, philosopher and author Lou Andreas-Salomé was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is considered the first woman in history to become a psychoanalyst. She was a well-travelled author, narrator, essayist and psychoanalyst from a German-Russian family and gained fame through her literary work in the areas of religion, philosophy, and cultural sciences.

Isabel SELIGER c/o SEPIA is an illustrator from Berlin who works for international publishing houses and companies. For Google, she drew a portrait of Lou Andreas-Salomé which appeared as a doodle for her 161st birthday.

Lou Andreas-Salomé, daughter of a Russian general, came to Göttingen in 1903, where she passed in 1937. The author was a close friend of Nietzsche and Rilke. This unusual woman was referred to by the inhabitants of Göttingen as ‘The Witch of the Hainberg’. After her death, her library was confiscated and destroyed by the National Socialists. It was not until 1994 that the Lou Andreas-Salomé Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Göttingen was renamed after her.

Isabel Seliger answered several questions about her work, and here’s the link with the answers.

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