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04.10.2021  •  Illustration NEWS


Krone Farm Wessling now open again for visitors ! – Christian & Knut ECKERT C/O ART ACT illustrated for world-famous CIRCUS KRONE

Even though real circus events are still not taking place at the famous Circus Krone, visitors can, however, continue to adore the beautiful animals on the Krone Farm. The illustration for the flyer came from twin duo Christian and Knut Eckert.

Circus Krone is today considered the largest European circus and looks back on a long history. Founded in 1870 by Carl Krone Senior, the Menagerie Continental, as Krone Senior originally named the circus, was only an animal show at the time. Performing in the ring of Circus Krone today are artists from all over the world. They travel across Germany with the circus during the summer months or contribute to the various winter programs taking place at the Munich winter venue which seats 3000 visitors.

The flyer presented here promotes the KRONE FARM which reopened in June, 2021 : “In the middle of this green oasis, we have created a retirement residence for our elderly animals, where they can enjoy retirement in the care of specialists. Due to the ongoing Corona situation, many of our active animals also spend their time here at the moment. We continuously strive to make the stay in this green paradise even more pleasant and entertaining for you and our animals. Discover the progress and evolution of our farm which has been around since 1937.”

Find out more about the Eckerts on the website of their representation. GoSee :

Christian und Knut Eckert c/o ART ACT

Christian und Knut Eckert c/o ART ACT