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Airhead trailer by BLUBLU c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL for Handy Games


BluBlu for Handy Games - Airhead Trailer

We’re excited to share an animation we had the pleasure of playing a small part in. @blublustudios masterfully crafted this dystopian, eerie world, introducing ‘Airhead’, a metroidvania-style platformer created by Octaco and published by @handygames Animation - BluBlu Studios Agent - Analog/Digital

Client: Handy Games
Advertising Agency: ANALOG / DIGITAL
Animation: BluBlu Studios c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL

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BLUBLU c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL worked on the new trailer for the game Airhead, which was just released during the THQ Nordic Showcase 2023. “We had so much fun creating this dystopian, eerie world and introducing the lore and the main character,” says BLUBLU STUDIOS.

Airhead is a platform game in the style of MetroidVania – a game design marked by large cohesive worlds – developed by Octato and released by Handy Games. Airhead is an adventure in a sprawling interconnected world in which you must explore, evolve and overcome intricate puzzles to succeed.

BLUBLU: A design-driven, award-winning animation production company which thrives on creating sophisticated animated stories with one goal in mind – communicating your message in the most effective and compelling way.

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