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PHOTOGRAPHERS Beauty, Fashion, Portrait & Transportation - the visually stunning AI portfolio of advertising photographer Oliver GAST c/o KRISTINA KORB on GoSee

22.07.2024 • Oliver GAST is an advertising photographer and motion creator who has grown quite accustomed to winning awards – after all, he has mastered photography across all genres. His photos are marked by his dramatic, dynamic and often surreal signature. So it comes as no surprise that he embraces AI as the perfect tool to make his visuals even more expressive. We present you his AI portfolio – from beauty to transportation and everything in between – here on GoSee.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS Tiana LENZ, Creative Director & Photographer based in Berlin, now c/o KRISTINA KORB, with a portfolio on GoSee

22.07.2024 • Berlin-based portrait & fashion photographer Tiana LENZ is now represented by KRISTINA KORB. Her visual language is marked by natural portraiture paired with an elegant lightness and a touch of Japanese photography.

Tiana Lenz, based in Berlin, is a photographer, storyteller and art director who grew up in a film production. At the moment, she is focused not only on fashion and portrait photography, but also on visual research and layouts for pitches for films, TV series, commercials… just to name a few. For which she has definitely put in the work, backing her craft with a B.A. in Graphic Design, an M.A. in Creative Direction summa cum laude, as well as profound experience in the creative industry over the last ten years.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS The New Golf – Made by Life. Made for Life. We have the results of the VW GOLF shoot by FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH in South Africa for you here on GoSee

16.07.2024 • “Here is a further part of our Golf adventure in South Africa where we got to shoot the complete artwork for the next generation of an absolute automotive icon, the VW Golf – celebrating its 50th anniversary, by the way. It turned out to be an absolutely inspiring collaboration with Volkswagen, DDB Berlin, and DDB Paris. The pretty unconventional and authentic outcome gives happy vibes and makes us celebrate as well,” FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH tell GoSee.

Client: Volkswagen AG
Production: Cape Town Productions
Advertising Agency: Team Voltage DDB Berlin/Paris
Creative Director: Heitor Buchalla + Jonathan Baudet-Botella
Art Director: Stefanie Berkmann
Art Buyer: Valerie Opitz
Producer: Matthias Pretzsch
Post Production: Dock2Studios GmbH
Styling: Jacqueline Ziesmer + Kim Warrington
Hair & Makeup: Joanna Butt
Props: Camilla Crafter
Photographer: Frithjof Ohm

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PHOTOGRAPHERS Soccer player László Bénés and Visions for Children e.V. Chairwoman Hila Limar in a portrait by Alexandra POLINA c/o JULIA WALDMANN for DIE ZEIT

15.07.2024 • Alexandra POLINA c/o JULIA WALDMANN had László Bénés, a player on Slovakian national team and UNION BERLIN player-to-be, in front of her lens.

Plus, she photographed Hila Limar, chairwoman of the NGO ‘Visions for Children e.V.’, which is committed to better education opportunities in Afghanistan and Uganda. An Afghan herself, the trained architect and jewelry designer has been at the helm of the organization as CEO and chair since 2018.

Alongside her eye-catching reportages and editorials with just the right pinch of humor – the simpatico photographer captures the personality and charisma of her models in her portraits in a unique way of her very own.

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