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Photographers • ANDREAS ORTNER photographs Gambian beauty Mariama Ndure for the Jewelry Issue of  HARPER’S BAZAAR CZ, November ‘21

18.10.2021 • Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Repossi, … Up-and-coming star model Mariama Ndure was photographed by ANDREAS ORTNER for the November 2021 issue of HARPER’S BAZAAR Czech. The model, who calls Berlin her home, posed for the jewelry editorial in colorful and stylishly reduced outfits which provide the perfect stage for the jewelry. Credit for which – we say bring on the pink headdress ! – goes to stylist Jana Kapounova.

Andreas Ortner flexes his expertise once again in this polished spread. Light mood, perspective and high-quality editorial production are his trademark. CD: Lucie Tomišková, Fashion Director at Harper’s Bazaar, was responsible for the shoot which was realized at Cash Only Studio. Hair: Robin Bilka, make-up: Hristina Georgievska.

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Photographers • ‘Some wise words from a pro’ – we love the SHOWREEL 2021 by transportation specialist MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER, here for you on GoSee NEWS

14.10.2021 • We are delighted to present you the extremely entertaining REEL by transportation specialist MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER, which once again demonstrates that we should let action, or in this case artwork, speak for itself. As the saying goes : Talk the talk, walk the walk, shoot the shoot.

We would also like to give you a little helpful information about Marcus Philipp Sauer’s career. Born in 1972, he didn’t get a camera when he was six and didn’t become a genius just like that. He was smart and took a slight detour : He went to a couple of schools until he got bored. After a three-year apprenticeship as a photographer, he took time off and went to Australia for a longer period and enjoyed life, women, the beach, and… then he ran out of money and unfortunately had to leave paradise – as he still sees it to this day – much too early.

He then returned to Germany to become an assistant and earn some money. He assisted for exactly six months, … “then I was sick of the narcissistic photographers.” In 2001, Marcus took a credit from the bank and did a range of free and beautiful car tests, built...

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Photographers • FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH : ‘Sun-kissed in Warsaw’ – the AUDI e-tron S, staged for Philipp und Keuntje

12.10.2021 • FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH were once again on the road for AUDI and staged the AUDI e-tron S full of atmosphere with modern flair.

“This is from when we went to Warsaw, Poland, in the summertime with a lovely creative team from Audi and Philipp und Keuntje to do campaign artwork for the electric e-tron S models, and Frithjof couldn’t resist taking a few golden hour side shot beauties. Soak up the feeling, enjoy!”

From Philipp & Keuntje, Art Directors Sue Boese and Annelie Kuipers were in charge of creative realization together with FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH. Art buying was taken care of by Karen Schwarzer.

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Photographers • MICHAEL MUELLER FOTOGRAFIE photographs the global campaign #windifferent for SUPERDRY at Olympia Park in London

12.10.2021 • Sport & lifestyle photographer MICHAEL MUELLER realized yet another campaign for his client SUPERDRY in London. “We shot these running images on one of the warmest days in the Olympic Park in the British metropolis. Thank you to Mark Atherley, Head of Brand Design, and Emily-Jane Gatiss-Jones, Creative Producer, for choosing me for this project. It was a pleasure to work with you and the rest of the team.”

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Photographers • UWE DUETTMANN stages the BMW i4, the first fully electric Gran Coupé from BMW, as a fashion shoot in a modern studio atmosphere

12.10.2021 • As the first fully electric Gran Coupé, the BMW i4 combines outstanding dynamics with a high level of comfort and qualities that make it ideal to drive everyday. Uwe DUETTMANN photographed the model for BMW in Munich. To do so, the photographer staged the new i4 in the perfect light with thrilling background projections and modern flair in the studio.

Creative responsibility was in the hands of Florian Kronenberg and Jill Leister from Jung von Matt/ Alster, and from the client, Florian Bayerschmidt supervised the production. We have the result for you here on GoSee, and further works by Uwe are available on GoSee NEWS and

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