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PHOTOGRAPHERS ‘Code Name : Fairlady Z’ – MP CURTET photograph the NISSAN Z in  L.A. underground locations for Nissan USA

25.01.2023 • The legend is back, and MP CURTET captured powerful and raw images of it. In their story, you feel the roughness of the LA underground, smell the burned rubber, and feel the warm breeze of the California highway.

The Nissan Z is a soulful sports coupe with an incredible history of serving up affordable and fun-to-drive two-doors since 1969. The new Z puts power and driving pleasure front and center. With a 400-hp twin-turbo V6 engine from the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport under the hood, the Z comes with your choice of either a six-speed manual or nine-speed automatic transmission. So fasten your seat belt and put the pedal to the metal.

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Client @nissanusa @nissan
Agency @designory - @tracigohata @andrea_a_m_g
Photographers @mpcurtet
Model @erikfellowsofficial @itmodelmanagement
Stylists @sisterstyling
Groomer @giovanni.hairsession
The team @michaelhenika @kip_photo

@mpcurtet rep by @bareps @severin.wendeler @creamparistv @madeinaustria_ecu @_madeinaustria

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PHOTOGRAPHERS Creative post production company LUCIE & LISANN, aka Marius SCHWIEGK, now represented by NERGER M&O - portfolio on GoSee

25.01.2023 • NERGER M&O now represents the creative post production company LUCIE & LISANN, aka Marius SCHWIEGK, a specialist when it comes to creative high-end post production, look retouching and CGI development. The creative – who previously supported post production for several years at Jung von Matt or Philipp und Keuntje – specializes in transportation, fashion and stills. “We also support photographers and agencies with our post production services and our own equipment on location – that includes plenty of experience and passion.”

We present you a selection from their portfolio for the MIELE campaign for Select World, which was realized by NERGER M&O photographers, the MAZDA campaign for S&F Vienna, food stills for LINDE on commission for HAVAS, and the EWE campaign for Upljft…

Find out further details from Claudia and the team who will gladly inform you about collaborating in the future.


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PHOTOGRAPHERS PHIL PHAM, sports, transportation & lifestyle photographer from Munich with a thrilling portfolio now at NERGER M&O

25.01.2023 • NERGER M&O now represents Phil PHAM. “He not only takes his camera everywhere he goes – his heart is also in the right place. Rarely do people radiate such a down-to-earth vibe as he does. And that’s exactly what makes working with him so great,” his clients say about the newcomer.

The career change to photography for Phil came through skateboarding. His passion for the sport was combined over time more and more with his passion for capturing it photographically. At first, he wasn’t guided so much by the technology as he was by his intuition.

Here’s a glimpse at his list of clients : Adidas | BMW | BORA | CHPT3 | Drykorn | Freeletics | GoreTex | Hublot | Icebreaker | Jack Wolfskin | Jeep | Lululemon | Mazda | Mercedes-Benz | Mini | Mizuno | Nineyard | Powerbar | Porsche | Red Bull | Samsung | Schneider Weisse | Specialized | Sport Scheck | Timberland | Toyota | UBR Function | Viessmann | X Games ESPN | yfood | Zara


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PHOTOGRAPHERS Three old friends, a small cat and their enchanted house in Tuscany… documented photographically by MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER

24.01.2023 • This is the story of three old friends, a small cat and their house in Tuscany, captured in beautiful meditative photos by MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER. These friends have dedicated their lives to mindfulness and simplicity. Consumption is not the key to happiness.

Fueled by social media, we are currently raising a generation of narcissistic show-offs … People with a narcissistic personality are characterized by an inflated self-image. They have an exaggerated feeling of self-importance and are convinced of their uniqueness. Their need for attention and admiration is excessive accordingly.

We read on WIKIPEDIA : “The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is marked by a lack of empathy for the feelings of others, overestimation of personal abilities and an increased desire for recognition. A typical symptom of those suffering from the disorder is that they are obsessed with impressing others and seeking admiration for themselves, but have only little interpersonal empathy and are unable to fully reciprocate emotional warmth.”

Practicing mindfulness, however, helps us to learn how to live...

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24.01.2023 • Transportation specialist SÉBASTIEN STAUB photographed the brand-new RENAULT CAPTUR ENGINEERED in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Renault Captur is a subcompact SUV built by French carmaker Renault and replaced the Renault Modus van sold between 2004 and 2012. The first generation of the Captur was introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2013. In the summer of 2019, its successor, the Renault Captur II, was presented.

RENAULT : “The Renault Captur is a superb all-rounder with an urban crossover design: Even more self-confident than its predecessor, it has an impressively athletic and ambitious look & feel. The individual two-tone design, its refined interior with a multimedia touchscreen and flexible modularity make it a true everyday hero.”

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