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PHOTOGRAPHERS Mc Crispy Homestyle Honey Mustard Bacon in perfection – DOP DIRK WEYER presents you the TV commercial for MC DONALD’S and the agency Scholz & Friends

26.09.2022 • “The McCrispy® Homestyle Honey Mustard Bacon is a real sweetheart. A fine piece of chicken breast marinated in buttermilk – juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside – tender farmstead cheese from Germany with hearty strips of bacon and fried onions between sweet and savory honey mustard sauce. Try it now and fall in love!” McDonald’s.

To create the prefect homestyle look of the 10-second TVC, DIRK WEYER was booked as DOP. The executive agency was Scholz & Friends.

Dirk Weyer creates still life and moving images for international brands. Through his years of work for high-end clients such as Montblanc, Miele and Rimowa, Dirk has developed to become one of the most renowned specialists for aesthetically sophisticated product photography and film.

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20.09.2022 • ANDREAS ORTNER and his team traveled to Iceland where they captured the latest P&C campaign on location. Also part of the team was Elke Dostal, responsible for styling and creative direction, working alongside Art Director Vanessa Weber. Peek & Cloppenburg, headquartered in Düsseldorf, is a family-run apparel retail chain founded in 1901 and, according to the company, Europe’s largest multi-brand fashion retailer.

On the eclectic set for hair & makeup were Georgios Tsiogkas, Denise Grundman and Anna Neugebauer. Production was in the hands of Lighthouse in cooperation with Arctic Productions. In front of the camera stood Hana Jirickova, Pia Busk and Joerge.

The company BONGENIE GRIEDER in western Switzerland, a subsidiary of Brunschwig Holding SA with headquarters in Geneva, operates a total of eight Bongénie fashion houses in French-speaking Switzerland and nine Grieder fashion houses in the German-speaking part of the country.

For premium client BONGENIE GRIEDER, ANDREAS ORTNER realized the new campaign together with Art Director Valerie Fromont. In front of his camera stood model...

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PHOTOGRAPHERS MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER stages the new MERCEDES GLA class – playful, feminine and with a fresh look in Berlin

20.09.2022 • In Berlin, Marcus Philipp SAUER and his team met up with post & CGI studio Dock2 as well as model H. Hermann to stage the MERCEDES GLA in a modern world. They photographed with what is referred to as a stand-in car, which served later as a reference for the CGI model. We present you the magnificently colorful and dynamic result with the vehicle in the trendy color Jupiter Red here on GoSee.

The new MERCEDES GLA boasts upgraded equipment options, with new tailored equipment packages for the interior as well as new colors and designs. The exterior design of the Mercedes-Benz GLA is marked by impressively powerful structures and dynamic lines.

Further transportation projects by the photographer are available on GoSee and on his website.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS ‘Vlora, Albania’ – with geriatric swimmers, a spooky theme park and even a little pretty peculiar public artwork – a travel reportage by Dan BURN-FORTI c/o MAKING PICTURES on GoSee

16.09.2022 • Dan BURN-FORTI c/o MAKING PICTURES visited Vlora, one of the largest cities in Albania, but also a popular beach resort. The city is located where the Adriatic Sea meets the Ionian Sea. The photographer presents us his very subjective photo essay here on GoSee.

“Rather unexpectedly, I found myself on a shoot in deepest Albania a few weeks ago. It was very hot, and it was rather strange. Because the shots I was doing needed palm trees in the background, I strolled around our local town of Vlora to look for them. And what a fine town it is. Besides the palm trees I needed, I found all sorts of tasty oddities to snap, the highlights of which included geriatric swimmers, a spooky theme park, a little pretty peculiar public artwork, and a smashed up hearse. I’m not sure how representative Vlora is of Albania, but on first impression, I think I might need to go back.”

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PHOTOGRAPHERS RAMONA REUTER : GLAMOUR Germany, ELLE Kultur, HARPER’S BAZAAR Arabia, B&W outtake beauties plus a personal beauty story

14.09.2022 • 'Summer ! Finally !' has the ultimate care tips for you – RAMONA REUTER photographed the summer beauty update editorial for GLAMOUR Germany.

On the website of ELLE Kultur, the magazine presents the newest highlights from the areas of music, art, theater and dance. For the magazine’s title, ELLE used a motif by RAMONA REUTER : “I offer full-service image work including concepts, photography and natural, high-end retouching.
When it comes to post production, look development, techniques, and notorious perfectionism, each and every step leads to an individual and made-to-measure finish with regard to light, color, and all other nuances. As a photographer, I love to play with (natural) light and try to keep the authentic magic of a moment, while catching the moments in-between…” Ramona Reuter.

‘Go where the wind takes you … ’ – fashion editorial for HARPER’S BAZAAR Arabia, photographed by RAMONA REUTER.

‘B&W Outtake Beauties’ – personal work by RAMONA REUTER.

BEAUTY sensual & free – interpreted by photographer RAMONA REUTER.

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