23.06.2021  •  Photographers NEWS


‘Black Sand’ - DAVID BREUN captures the gentle movements of water in meditative images and sounds in his personal project


DAVID BREUN `Black Sand´

`Black Sand´ is an film project together with producer and sound designer Benny Grauer.

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While I was working on a job for Genesis in Iceland, I had the opportunity to visit a black beach and took spectacular photos with my drone. I have been working on the topic of ‘Elements’ for quite some time, for which water and soil form the perfect symbiosis. Through the chosen perspective and grading, water and soil are removed from their contexts and broken down to a graphic level. In the next step, I set the clip to music with producer and sound designer Benny Grauer. We transformed the movements of the water into sounds. Sit back and enjoy!'

We present you the project here on GoSee, and more is available on the photographer’s new website, which will go live at the end of the month.