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‘Golden Age’ and ‘Garden Run Wild’ – photographer KATY OTTO presents you two conceptional interior photo productions on GoSee

Commissioned artwork in conceptional and art photography in the area of interior design made for corporations follows stages of individual planning, research and creation in close coordination with the client, and is tailored to products and marketing strategies. Playing an important role throughout are interpretation, artistic concept and creativity. “Such productions entail a one-off artistic approach and are very elaborately designed,” says photographer KATY OTTO, who also offers styling and production services in addition to photography.

Each product is staged uniquely using exquisite props with detailed styling and in select locations : “The intentions for the artistic message vary between over-stimulation by means of a hedonistic concept and sensuality paired with a special narrative tailored to the product. Finest quality materials and extraordinary embellishments contribute to the aesthetic presentation of the client’s products.”

Garden Run Wild – Marked by tristesse and nostalgia is the beauty found in the barrenness and transience of this work, which is reminiscent of the 1940s, a time of destitution and hardship. Katy Otto : “An eerie silence and sense of desertion is exuded by the props, bearing witness to strength and energy, overgrown wildly by moss and branches. Original sports equipment evokes a certain agility and joie de vivre, while earthy and lush vegetables, partly draped in ammunition boxes, act as a reminder of food shortages caused by the war of the era juxtaposed with the irresponsible waste of food in our times. Decadence as a means of artistic expression with the ambiguity of double entendre.”

Golden Age – “The idea behind this work of art is inspired by the golden age of the 1920s and wallows in the culture and spirit of a time when people longed for ideal social conditions and the dawn of a new era,” says Katy Otto. For this purpose, original props from the epoch were used. Although the 1920s are associated today largely with desaturated motifs, the colors were deliberately kept bright. The mood, environment and scenes themselves, after all, were not desaturated, but brightly shining and golden.

“Still, the work bears no direct reference to reality. The use of a background, the bath tub as the central pillar, not corresponding to a reality of any kind in the context of the other props, encourages viewers to tell a story about the photo with their own imagination. Who ‘lived’ in this place, in what condition, with what desires and aspirations, goals or intentions.”

The photos can be purchased as a textile print, framed up to 150cm x 100cm, prices upon request. Light-proof, durability: 70 years, museum quality.

Photographer and Production: Katy Otto
Styling: Katy Otto, Holger Senft
Post Production: Simon Reitzle
Location: The Berlin Loft

GoSee : katyotto.com

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Golden Age

Golden Age