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28.10.2021  •  Photographers NEWS


NEW at GoSee : DOP, photographer and director TANJA HAERING, Berlin; we present you her absolutely must-see REEL 2021 as an introduction



REEL 2021 by DOP, Director and Photographer TANJA HÄRING .....


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We are delighted to welcome photographer, DOP and Director TANJA HÄRING at GoSee and present you her absolutely must-see REEL 2021 here as an introduction. Home away from home in Berlin, she grew up in a small town near the beautiful Black Forest. Fascinated with the power of images at an early age, she explored painting and photography, while also developing her passion for making films. 

As the logical consequence, she first studied Cinematography at the College of Art in Dortmund and later at the world-renowned Film Academy Baden Württemberg. Her work has been honored with several awards, including the German Camera Award.

Tanja Häring’s strength is her ability to create strong atmospheres and moods with versatile characters by means of lighting. Her camerawork – whether moving images or stills – is marked by a creative and open-minded approach. Today, she offers her clients the complete package as DOP, director, and photographer. Or, of course, each individually.

Tanja continues to work successfully across genres, and clients love her lively, captivating and fresh style. Her deep personal interest in photographing people and telling everyone their stories remains a constant theme throughout her work – and has taken her all over our wonderful world so far.

GoSee : haering.berlin (DOP) & haering.world (Director and Photographer)
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