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PHOTOGRAPHERS JEFF LUDES photographs the launch campaign of the JEEP GRAND WAGONEER in impressive locations in Northern California and San Francisco

04.07.2022 • The pinnacle of premium SUV quality! JEFF LUDES photographed the launch campaign for the new JEEP GRAND WAGONEER, which he presents us on GoSee. With the latest Wagoneer, Jeep presents the new design baseline of the brand.

“I had the opportunity to join the Jeep team for a trip through Northern California, shooting for the launch of the new Grand Wagoneer. With a broad selection of vehicles, they also covered a wide variety of locations, from snowy peaks, to lush hills and rugged coastlines, and finally, to the city of San Francisco,” Jeff tells GoSee.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS JOIN MY RIDE’ – the cool  after-shoot spin featuring Malalaika Gierke and Blake Kalawart, photographed by HOLGER WILD

03.07.2022 • After all, who likes to go home alone in the evening? A simple idea was enough to spark the creation of a spread with Holger Wild’s typical narrative style. For which Holger skillfully motivated models Malalaika Gierke and Blake Kalawart to take a small spin for the portfolio following an advertising shoot. “Just because it’s fun,” as the photographer ensures us.

In post production, the spread was finalized in the end by ZERONE from Hamburg with a hip 80s film look. “Thank you all for the cool extra ride!”

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PHOTOGRAPHERS ‘AN ODE TO NUDE’ : guys and girls of all ages, races and faces, lovers, best friends, siblings, freckles, dimples and scars… Everyone is beautiful… new works by Caroline Mackintosh c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT on GoSee

30.06.2022 • ‘AN ODE TO NUDE’ is the name of the ongoing project by Caroline Mackintosh, for which she photographs nude bodies far from body shaming and perfection mostly in nature.

Shotview tells us : “Her photographs capture the subject with the most delicate and intimate lens. Filled with rawness and vulnerability, Caroline’s work is an ode to freedom. Her inclusivity and aesthetic is meaningful – she finds a way to depict women’s empowerment and body positivity in the most organic way. With her intelligence and sensitivity, Caroline is able to produce beautiful and touching images that catch the viewer’s attention like no other.”

Caroline Mackintosh is a South African artist, who was born and raised in Cape Town. Her love of photography already began at an early age. With her father’s camera, she captured her family exhibitions into the African animal kingdom. Over time, this passion has developed more in the direction of people and landscapes. Today, Caroline travels the world, always in search of new adventures and inspirations. Her greatest interest is in the human figure and its...

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PHOTOGRAPHERS Hello Freshness ! MARKUS MUELLER photographs fun motifs for the KAUFLAND campaign

27.06.2022 • With his unmistakable visual style, Markus Mueller realized the new KAUFLAND campaign with visually stunning and elaborately produced motifs full of humor.

Likewise, KAUFLAND pushes further ahead with its new visual language and brand communication, which is not only a nod to its large assortment, regionality and reasonable prices, it’s also just supposed to be fun.

Responsible for the complex and impressive prop models was Arndt von Hoff. Production was in the hands of GoSee Member FALCA, Always Everything and Production World.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS ‘Chinatown’ – an inspiring stroll through North America’s third-largest Chinatown with photographer Grant HARDER c/o MAKING PICTURES

27.06.2022 • ‘Chinatown’ is the continuous personal project of Grant HARDER c/o MAKING PICTURES, which we present you here on GoSee.

Founded already in the 1890s, Vancouver’s Chinatown has charmed visitors for more than a century with its lively colors, exotic cuisine and spirited culture of traditional bakeries, dim-sum restaurants and cocktail bars. On the shelves of traditional pharmacies are glasses filled with ginseng and dried fish. Food stores with living seafood and exotic vegetables are located right next door to hip fashion shops.

Vancouver’s Chinese population originally left home to work in the local mines and build the Trans-Canada Railway. The region east of the downtown area so steeped in history with its rich architecture is home to North America’s third-largest Chinatown after New York and San Francisco.

Grant HARDER is a Vancouver-based photographer. When photographing portraits, environments and still life, Grant prefers to meet his subject matter, often literally, at the point where human existence intersects with nature. Grant looks for calm, quiet and honest moments that...

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