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PHOTOGRAPHERS ‘Field Trip’ – MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER and the VW ID.4 on a tour at Achen Lake in Austria

20.06.2022 • “The heart of an electric vehicle with the size and function of an SUV.” VOLKSWAGEN says about the VW ID.4. The ID.4 combines the best of two worlds: It is the first-ever Volkswagen to cross the strengths of an SUV with the sustainable driving experience of an ID.

“I love realistic images true to the situation. Which is how this small documentary of my field trip was created… away from artificial, often extremely posed motifs, with which less and less people can identify or would even want to.” transportation specialist MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER tells GoSee.

The personal spread was photographed in the beautiful area surrounding Achen Lake in Austria : “Where I started in the rain and stopped when the sun went down.” Post production of the motifs was taken care of by the photographer directly in-house.

Achen Lake is located north of Jenbach in Tyrol, 380 m above the Inn Valley. With a depth of 133 meters, Achen Lake is the largest lake in Tyrol.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS KATY OTTO embarks with the still life ‘GOLIGHTLY’ on a decadent journey back to the 50s/60s

15.06.2022 • Katy OTTO presents her new still life ‘GOLIGHTLY’ on GoSee. While the first two works of this series (‘Golden Age’ and ‘Garden Run Wild’) are a nod to the 20s and 40s, we now find ourselves transported to the 50s/60s. The scene is set at an abandoned pool party of a character somewhat resembling Holly Golightly – as a synonym for a way of living or behaving, contrary to what one feels inside or longs for.

Katy on her concept : “Careless, absurd over-abundance and the defiant fickleness of someone longing who does not know why or even what for. A longing that stings like a first injury – the first cut – that, unprocessed – not thoroughly chewed – never to be swallowed without being avenged, nor hastily washed down, always finds its way back in times of flash points flaring up. Loss and finding, in their combination, are closely juxtaposed as a possible way out of this emotional state – into a then indeed self-determined way of living. Reconciliation with whatever causes weltschmerz, identifying and forgiving, a weary grin, borne of the trust in seeing oneself regain strength.


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PHOTOGRAPHERS FRANK LÜBKE photographs the PHILLY & PHILL ‘Faith for Fantasy’ perfume campaign at Hotel Palace in Munich

15.06.2022 • FRANK LÜBKE photographed for the new campaign of PHILLY & PHILL perfume. The name of the new fragrance in the Philly & Phill family is ‘Faith for Fantasy’, and it is a unisex scent. The shoot took place at Hotel Palace in Munich (styling: Trang Cao, model: Sarah Meier, Jesse Osterrieder). The first campaign motif was presented at the trade fair ESXENCE 2022 in Milan. ESXENCE is a trade show for the luxury perfume and cosmetics industry.


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08.06.2022 • Powerful acceleration. Perfected balance. Spacious seating for five. And fully electric. Meet the first-ever BMW i4 – a new, sporty electric vehicle that will leave you breathless…

Uwe DUETTMANN staged the new BMW i4 in Valencia. The lifestyle motifs are also used to advertise the BMW app, with which drivers can plan their next drive, check the status of the BMW or use one of the numerous remote control functions – all from the convenience of their smartphone.

As the first all-electric Gran Coupé, the BMW i4 delivers outstanding dynamics with a high level of comfort and the ideal qualities to make it your daily driver. Production of the BMW i4 is consistently sustainable and uses green energy exclusively. In addition, the BMW i4’s high-performance battery was designed to completely avoid rare earth metals.

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