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PHOTOGRAPHERS BOSCHTOBANRAP is delighted to welcome new entry SEVDA ALBERS, photographer, AD, CD with base in Hamburg

12.05.2022 • Sevda ALBERS – now c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP – creates and develops ideas for agencies such as Fork, BBDO or also RAPP Germany. She lived and worked in London and Stockholm for many years, and calls Hamburg her home at the moment. On her list of clients, you’ll find names such as Hessnatur, Marc Cain, Nivea, BMW or even Air Berlin. She not only loves working as a photographer, but also as an art and creative director, and is booked for all three skills.

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12.05.2022 • Here on GoSee, we present a glimpse at the fresh portfolio of SVENJA BLOBEL c/o SRZ CREATIVE MANAGEMENT. The main focus of her work is on portraits and fashion photography. Before becoming self-employed in Berlin, she assisted for Uwe Düttmann as well as for Anja Boxhammer, Robert Grischek and Florian Grill. With her keen eye for detail paired with her sense of color and light, she has developed her very own feminine visual language.

“In her photos, she skillfully creates an unobtrusive presence marked by captivating shapes, colors and her conceptional approach to the composition of her images. Each photo tells its own story. Seemingly fleeting moments combined with a consciously guided viewer perspective enable us to become immersed in fantastical situations,” says Sonja from SRZ Creative MGMT.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS Actor Frederick Lau for FOCUS STYLE, soccer player Marko Arnautovic and singer Lena Meyer-Landrut – stylish portraits by BENJAMIN ZIBNER c/o SRZ CREATIVE MANAGEMENT

11.05.2022 • Berlin-based photo journalist BENJAMIN ZIBNER c/o SRZ CREATIVE MANAGEMENT is specialized in portraits, corporate and editorials. With his calm signature, he photographed actor Frederick Lau for FOCUS STYLE, Marko Arnautović – the enfant terrible of the soccer world – for Lifeafterfootball or Oliver Reese, Artistic Director of the Berliner Ensemble, and presents us a preview of his series ‘Rites de Passage’ here on GoSee which has also been on display in an exhibition.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS ‘The Cowboys of Tuscany’ – a reportage by fashion photographer Andy Massaccesi c/o BIRD PRODUCTION for KINFOLK MAGAZINE #41

10.05.2022 • In the southernmost part of Tuscany, the Maremma, the landscape is still marked by wilderness. Beyond the well-groomed rows of cypress trees and untouched Renaissance villas characteristic of this region, a handful of men on horseback swiftly drive their cattle. The new issue of KINFOLK presents the reportage ‘The Cowboys of Tuscany’ by Andy Massaccesi c/o BIRD PRODUCTION.

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