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POST ALEX CONSANI : MISS MAWMA! photographed by Vitali Gelwich for CR FASHION BOOK – with retouch by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

16.05.2024 • For CR FASHION BOOK, Vitali Gelwich realized spread with Alex Consani, with post by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

CR FASHION BOOK : Starting a TikTok during the COVID-19 lockdown fast-tracked the aspiring model to international fame. On the video-sharing platform, the Bay Area native effortlessly brings her sense of humor to life, sharing hysterical fiery moments from the comfort of her own bedroom that’s reverential to early aughts YouTubers like Jenna Marbles. Now with over three million cross-channel followers on the app, who have bestowed her the moniker “Ms. Mawma,” Consani aligns with the next generation of supermodels in the digital era, one defined by an obsession with authenticity, values, and raw personality. In a testament to her digital influence, Forbes recognized Consani’s impact by ranking her thirty-first on the list of Top Creators: Fashion 50 last October.”

Talent Alex Consani @alexconsani
Photographer Vitali Gelwich @vitali_gelwich
Fashion Niki Galopine @niki.galopine
Fashion Consultant Stéphane Roches @rochesstephane
Production Ben Miller Bibesco @ben.mb._ CANADA Photo...

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POST OYSHO presents a new Golf collection – ‘Our club, Our Rules’ campaign by Lucho Vidales with creative retouch by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

16.05.2024 • Whether at the golf course or tennis court, we're swinging into the new season with style! The ‘Our Club, Our Rules’ campaign for sport & lifestyle brand OYSHO was photographed by Luchos Vidales. In charge of creatively realizing the campaign was Sergio Rueda Cubillas, and post came from ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

Photographer: Luchos Vidales @LuchoVidales
1st Assistant: Edoardo de Armas @e.dearmas
Digi: Pablo Leono @pabloleono
Production: Be Sweet Films @besweetfilms
Creative/Art Director: Sergio Rueda @sergio.wheel
Head of Production: Eva Monge Araus
Styling: Tamara Campaña @tamara_campana_
Finishing: @onehundredberlin

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POST POP. boutique digital & content creation studio presents ‘Homeless Office - A Reportage on the Future of Media Professionals’

13.05.2024 • When artificial intelligence meets reality, we tend to always ask ourselves the same question: “How will continuously advancing AI technology impact society and its very existence?”

The reportage reveals the hypothetical hopeless future that could be awaiting everyone from creative directors to post producers, journalists, photographers and filmmakers – along with all the new and fascinating things that come with AI – in a somewhat dystopian take. While, not all too long ago, the talent and determination of media professionals was still truly admirable, a new danger might just be lurking right around the corner: the impact of AI on their jobs. Automation and algorithmic decision-making could continue to endanger media jobs, simply by ousting human creativity and perspectives.

Sharp-witted and tongue firmly in cheek, the motifs provide food for thought about the challenges and possibilities resulting from the battle between the human brain and technological progress – while also serving as a dramatic warning of how easily AI can be used to influence or even distort journalism,...

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POST The Way Forward – GWM WEY 05 launch campaign by Ole Westermann with post production by GoSee new entry SCHINKEN.STUDIO

29.04.2024 • In Cape Town, Ole Westermann c/o WILDFOX RUNNING photographed the launch campaign for the GWM WEY 05 manufactured by Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor. GoSee new entry SCHINKEN.STUDIO was in charge of post.

Since 2017, the post production company from Düsseldorf has worked with and for photographers and agencies on a wide variety of projects – whether for an individual motif or extensive series of images for various clients and brands.

For GWM WEY, almost 40 motifs were produced in parallel to the film shoot for various content formats and channels (for ATL, BTL, TTL). Production was taken care of by Zauberberg Productions, and responsible for creation was the advertising agency David+Martin, whose Berlin office won the European lead account for WEY in late 2022. Art Director for the job was Nicolas Funkert.

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POST MADAME FIGARO with actress Sandra Hüller and a FRENCH MAGAZINE editorial by Ralph Mecke with creative retouch by RECOM

29.04.2024 • RECOM was in charge of creative retouch for no less than two editorials photographed by Ralph Mecke. For one of which, Ralph shot a portrait of actress Sandra Hüller for MADAME FIGARO in fashion from Louis Vuitton, Prada and Dries Van Noten. For her role in the legal drama ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, she was nominated for both an Oscar and a César as best actress.

And for the second, Ralph Mecke photographed the editorial ‘Under the Volcano’ for FRENCH MAGAZINE. Models Andrea Carrazco and Yarlin Bido were styled by Claudia Englmann. RECOM put on the finishing touches.

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