22.02.2021  •  Transportation NEWS


HOCHKANT FILM produces the captivating commercial for PORSCHE TAYCAN and Grabarz & Partner – REAR-WHEEL DRIVE JOINS THE FAMILY


HOCHKANT FILM : Porsche Taycan - Rear Wheel Drive Joins the Family

Director: Daniel Börjesson
Production: Hochkant Film
Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Creative Director: Florian Pack
Producer: Auro Stagge + Ina Alabowitz
Music: Sacred Sacred

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“Electric dreams surge – introducing the new rear-wheel drive Taycan. Welcome to the family! The soul has many facets, but no definite shape. It is versatile, constantly in motion – and reveals itself in a multitude of ways. Like with a smile to express total delight : at the sight of the PORSCHE TAYCAN. Or by goosebumps all over your body, triggered by the 1.2 g standing start performance of the Taycan Turbo S...

This is how PORSCHE presents the new TAYCAN. The super hot video with Xin Wang in the leading female role, styled by David Lerouw Lascurain, produced by HOCHKANT FILM with Director Daniel Börjesson and Grabarz & Partner. Creative Director was Florian Pack, with Producers Auro Stagge and Ina Alabowitz.

More information on the new Taycan is available via PORSCHE, and you can watch more commercials by HOCHKANT on their website and on GoSee.