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SHOP ‘The best new work deserves the best new look’ – LUERZER’S ARCHIVE with a brand new look after relaunching plus a new print issue at UPDATE BERLIN

19.05.2022 • The compendium for advertising now has a new modern look! On 150 pages, the new issue presents editorial content alongside its familiar selection of inspiring, creative works from all corners of the globe in the areas of print, film and digital. This new modern look was created by Art Director Christine Thierry and the LÜRZER’S team. Meet Sheila King, a superwoman and our GoSee Friend for many years, as well as Lewis Blackwell and Christine this year in person at UPDATE.

“We first appeared almost 40 years ago, and the industry we helped to inspire back then has moved on. So now, we have too. Our new logo represents a modern industry where digital and film are at least as important as print. But where being selected for our archive is still one of the most valued creative achievements. We hope you like it,” says Michael Weinzettl, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief.

“…However, one thing hasn’t changed : The celebrated collection of the best advertising and related communication that Lürzer’s Archive displays from around the world. The core offering is still at our heart, in print and in...

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SHOP ‘Lisa’ – personal work by photographer and DOP HAERING, aka Tanja Häring, for you in the GoSeeSHOP

12.05.2022 • ‘Beauty in Everything’ – the theme of the GoSeeAWARDS 2022 inspired photographer and DOP HAERING, aka Tanja Häring, to create her personal spread. In front of her camera stood model Lisa.

Tanja Häring grew up in a small town near the Black Forest. Fascinated with the power of images already at an early age, she explored painting and photography, subsequently developing her passion for making films.

She first studied Moving Photography at the College of Art in Dortmund and then moved on to the renowned Film Academy BW. Her work has been honored with several awards, including the renowned German Camera Award.

Her strength is her ability to create impressive atmospheres using light, and she has a creative and open-minded approach to camerawork.

GoSee :

Title: Lisa
Photographer: Haering
Hair & Make-up: Elena Schmerberg
Model: Lisa A
Assistant: Elena Catalina Florez
Digital Assistant: Joris Felix

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SHOP MAGROUND : CGI & photography for the new electric vehicle LEXUS RZ, background images & HDRi for the NISSAN JUKE RALLY TRIBUTE CONCEPT… and meet the agency at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

03.05.2022 • ‘Premium Backgrounds for Premium Brands.’ Since 2007, MAGROUND has been offering professional users from around the world carefully selected visual material that meets the most demanding standards of quality and uses the newest technologies. True to the slogan ‘Behind Your Product’, the company delivers impressive backgrounds that make products shine. Meet the international specialist for background images this year at UPDATE on 25 May in Berlin.

They present us two projects here on GoSee. CGI & photos were realized for the new LEXUS RZ. “Ten days before the reveal, Lexus updated several details of its new electric vehicle RZ. So far, only part of the exterior has been shown, and this excellent front shot was created with MAGROUND images.”

Plus, backgrounds were also used for NISSAN and the Nissan Juke Rally Tribute Concept. “The renders made with MAGROUND background images and HDRi have been released by Nissan to commemorate 50 years since the 240Z’s victory in the East Africa Rally…” In 1971, NISSAN won the East African Safari Rally with the Datsun 240Z. For the 50th...

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SHOP PHX GLOW’ – personal work by photographer ROBERT WESTRICH captured in and around Phoenix

14.04.2022 • Following an extensive transportation production in and around Phoenix, ROBERT WESTRICH photographed this spread in the evening sun deep on the horizon of Arizona. In front of his camera stood the photogenic Maya Felder, a knitwear artist and self-proclaimed slow fashionista.

For Robert Westrich, his career began with his love of landscapes. This combined with motorcycles, cars or simply everything that moves somehow… Put in some beautiful people and wonderful assignments, what more could you want?

The consequence of which were, of course, even more and bigger jobs for clients such as BMW, Audi, Stihl, Mercedes-Benz… just to name a few. Several years past, many an award received with pleasure, … Today, Robert still lives with his wife and three children happy and content outside of Stuttgart.

Oh yeah, we’ve also got a transportation job to show you… stay tuned!

GoSee : &

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