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SHOP ‘ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL’ featuring Skye Lukowski-Standley – personal work by SALLYHATESWING C/O BOSCHTOBANRAP

16.01.2023 • Photographer duo Sallyhateswing c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP staged ‘ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL’, a spread created to raise awareness of the inequality in our fashion industry, where clothing is only designed for a specific type of body.

In front of the camera was Skye Lukowski-Standley, and Yannic Kötter was on set as behind-the-scenes photographer. Styling: Chiara Bottin, H&M: Claudine Nemeth, Producer: Jessika Jäger, Director: Darius Buesch, and DOP: Tilo Kux.

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SHOP Books Revisited – ANDREA HEBERGER presents ‘Recipes from the Garden of Lemons’ by Mikkel Adsbol

11.01.2023 • Lemons bring out the best in every dish! This cookbook was created in the kitchen of the Finca Garden of Lemons, located in a time-honored lemon orchard near a small Andalusian village south of Granada – the ideal place to write a cookbook about the use of lemons in the cuisines of the world.

And Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER contributed several recipes to the cookbook both as photographer and author.

Recipes from the Garden of Lemons (about star chefs and star-studded cuisines) by Henrik Vilain (author), Ingo Schauser (author), Mikkel Adsbøl (photographer & author). Hardcover, date of publication 01 Aug. 2021, publishing house Jacoby & Stuart, 208 pages, size 26 x 20 cm, weight 1096 g.

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SHOP In the book WEGWERFWARE, or ‘Disposable Items’, the committed Swiss photographer Sara Affolter tells the life story, full of suffering, of Kramer, Gismo, Mango, Candido, Pablo, Paula, Morrigen, Kiki, Minime, … appearing at EDITION LAMMERHUBER

11.12.2022 • Animals are being treated like disposable items in industrialized Western societies. Innumerable animals end up each year in animal shelters, rescue centers or animal sanctuaries. Or, if they aren’t that lucky, die in a slaughterhouse.

The reasons why they continue to suffer and die in these places are as varied as they are many. Overwhelmed pet owners who aren’t familiar with exotic species and were, after all, only looking for something pretty to adorn their living room… Beloved pets which become a burden and are then thrown away.

Particularly during the pandemic, many purchased a pet without thinking about the long-term consequences. And now, animal shelters are fuller than ever before. The animals who rely on their owners for protection are completely dependent upon them, and that doesn’t change merely because it gets colder outside or vacation with all its promises is just around the corner.

But some of us forget the duties entailed when we purchase a living creature… all too enticing is their attraction. But the suffering they must endure as a result is severe. Many of us look...

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