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SHOP ‘Crazy Girlfriends’ - the new personal project by photographer SVEN JACOBSEN

29.11.2023 • Photographer SVEN JACOBSEN is known for his talent for capturing emotions in photos. Young people filled with joie de vivre, captured in the moment. Oases full of joy in a turbulent world.

Take his latest work, for instance, in which we encounter model Alexandra Armina – chilling, hanging out in the kitchen, making music, … laughing, expressing herself, happy – and a little crazy.

The spread was styled by Tina Bormann.

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SHOP GoSee says thank you for the year 2023 with a very special PROMOTIONAL OFFER : the all-inclusive 180 EURO Package

27.11.2023 • The year 2023 has been a challenge for all of us – war, the post-Covid aftermath, more war, and meanwhile AI everywhere … not exactly for the faint of heart. Budget adjustments, cutbacks, extended deadlines … make planning that much more difficult and demand of us patience as well as perseverance.

Here at GoSee, we love to work on the NEWS of our PREMIUM Members – in other words, all the research, editing, writing and translating, until it is finally published and sent to our readers.

We would like to open our services to a broader readership in the future which is why we are now offering new customers a PREMIUM membership at a flat rate. NEWS, PORTFOLIOS, BLOGS, THE SHOP, EXPERT, PROD-YOU-CER, … all for an annual flat rate of 180 EUR.

There is, of course, a little catch to it – PREMIUM FIRST. That means, the NEWS of our PREMIUM Members is edited and published first. And if there’s still some time and resources left, we’ll go through the submitted NEWS to present our readers the best campaigns, editorials, books, projects, ….

Unlike PREMIUM, our GoSee editors are not obligated to...

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SHOP ‘Finest goods curated with heart and mind’ - Stefan MILEV c/o WILDFOX RUNNING  photographs new products from the Düsseldorf concept store LIVE LAB STUDIOS

20.11.2023 • In September 2020, designer Stephanie Hahn opened a new LIVE LAB STUDIOS concept store in Düsseldorf-Unterbilk. The latest product arrivals were photographed by Stefan MILEV c/o WILDFOX RUNNING.

At the store, objects, stories and people are presented from the areas of design, fashion culture and cosmetics, emerging from a new intrinsic set of values. Around 200 square meters – minimalist and artistically designed – invite the like-minded and curious to experience and discover.

Founder Stephanie Hahn : “We consider it a place of dialogue and interaction for visitors who want to have a positive impact on both themselves and the environment. LIVE LAB STUDIOS is where traditional craftsmanship meets a modern mindset; we want to preserve while we continue to evolve, nurture and educate. Bridging the gap between and at the same time advocating for consumers and designers, artists and producers, we’ve created a new form of live product experience marked by in-depth information and inspiring storytelling.”

What are your intentions with LIVE LAB STUDIOS?

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SHOP Steve McCurry: Devotion - the new book of photos by the Magnum photographer (Prestel Publishing) explores human spirituality in all its diversity and beauty

16.11.2023 • I think the best photos stay with you; they’re something that you can’t forget. The ones that tell a story, … that evoke some emotion.” Steve McCurry replied when asked what makes a good photo during the presentation of his new book on 14 November, 2023 at the Amerikahaus in Munich.

Steve McCurry’s photographs reflect his passionate exploration into the complex and multilayered nature of the human being. Of all contemporary photographers, he is perhaps the one with the most extensive archive, having captured human existence in all its facets.

His most recent work focuses on the spiritual dimension of the human experience and presents sensitive images themed upon faith and belief, devotion and dedication, loyalty and faithfulness – basic values lived and cultivated in all cultures and religions of the world. In this opulent book of impressive photographs, McCurry explores an essential core of human existence as well as the universal longing to discover meaning in the midst of everyday life.

PICO LYER is a novelist, essayist and journalist, who is also famous for his travel writing,...

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SHOP ‘The House of Music’ – a children’s book inspired by the true story of Casa Verdi in Milan, published by Hatje Cantz

02.11.2023 • Ever since her grandfather moved into the House of Music, a home for elderly musicians, Renata’s Tuesdays – her visiting days – are anything but relaxing. Granddad has fallen in love with a soprano with a soft spot for wearing wigs, the double bass player keeps running away, a stray cat wants to be adopted, and then there’s this boy dressed like Batman, who says that music is nothing but noise to him …

To make matters worse, Granddad has sent her on a mission: Renata is to look for an instrument she wants to play so that she, like everyone else in her family, can become a musician. But how do you choose between the piccolo and the tuba, the synthesizer and the drums, or cello and ukulele? And what would happen if she wanted to do something completely different? What would happen if the solution was to not choose at all?

Inspired by the true story of the Casa Verdi in Milan – a refuge for penniless, elderly musicians founded by the composer Giuseppe Verdi in 1889 – this charming book is a tale about a cast of quirky characters who all have one thing in common: their deep love of...

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