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SHOP ‘The Rejuvenation Cookbook’ - 60 recipes for a long life with photos by Jochen ARNDT c/o STILLSTARS for GU Publishing

08.06.2022 • Best-selling author Nina Ruge and top chef de cuisine Stephan Hentschel teamed up for the book ‘Rejuvenation Cookbook’ – and have taken on the mission to whet our appetites for rejuvenation with all their combined expert knowledge on healthy nutrition and aging processes. Each week, it calls for dishing up a mix of 25 different types of veggies, herbs, spices, seeds and sprouts. Making sure the dishes are creative, delicious and easy to cook at home, well, that’s where top vegetarian chef Stephan Hentschel comes in. Photos were shot by Jochen ARNDT c/o STILLSTARS (foodstyling: Nadine Page).

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SHOP Living with Art – the new interior book for your coffee table by Danish photographer Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER out now

08.06.2022 • Photographer Mikkel ADSBOL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER collaborated with Art Director Katrine Martensen-Larsen to create the interior book ‘Living with Art’. It presents inspiring places in combination with artwork or craftwork. Here on GoSee, we’ve selected places in Copenhagen with pieces of art by former gallery proprietor Sara Lysgaard. Sara Lysgaard is the Director of the investment company Sara Lysgaard Holding and an avid art collector. She is 33-years-young and lives in Gentofte, north of Copenhagen.

On we read : “This book takes you on private visits to ten Danish contemporary artists, where we are granted behind-the-scenes insight into the creative process. We see both ongoing and completed works, as well as the materials, tools and thought processes used. Through conversations with the artists, we are party to their own stories as to why they became artists, and how they arrived where they are today. What consumes them? What drives them? What inspires them?

Following each artist portrait, we are welcomed inside the individual homes of true art collectors. Some are...

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SHOP 34 HOURS, the new book by Rui CAMILO c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN on his quick visit to Johannesburg is now in stores

31.05.2022 • In a fast-paced, fully-packed 34 hours, Rui Camilo created his reportage. The photographer didn’t have more time when he documented the trip of a delegation of Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, at the time the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and development.

Arrival on the morning of 6 August 2009 at Johannisburg Airport in South Africa; departure only 34 hours later. For the time in between, there was a tight schedule packed with appointments with NGOs, various aid projects for disabled children and orphans in a township, with trips to hotels, soccer pitches, a visit to the German embassy and much more.

No conceptual work had been done in preparation. Each photo is individual, a detached snapshot – and yet, in the end, it all comes together: the fixed space-time frame of the tight program resulted in a book that was never planned as such. The photographer was not able to work freely and was forced to let go of his own wishes and preconceptions. Perhaps this was what enabled the creation of this particularly personal work.

34 Hours is published in two editions at Chromfeld. The...

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SHOP ‘The best new work deserves the best new look’ – LUERZER’S ARCHIVE with a brand new look after relaunching plus a new print issue at UPDATE BERLIN

19.05.2022 • The compendium for advertising now has a new modern look! On 150 pages, the new issue presents editorial content alongside its familiar selection of inspiring, creative works from all corners of the globe in the areas of print, film and digital. This new modern look was created by Art Director Christine Thierry and the LÜRZER’S team. Meet Sheila King, a superwoman and our GoSee Friend for many years, as well as Lewis Blackwell and Christine this year in person at UPDATE.

“We first appeared almost 40 years ago, and the industry we helped to inspire back then has moved on. So now, we have too. Our new logo represents a modern industry where digital and film are at least as important as print. But where being selected for our archive is still one of the most valued creative achievements. We hope you like it,” says Michael Weinzettl, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief.

“…However, one thing hasn’t changed : The celebrated collection of the best advertising and related communication that Lürzer’s Archive displays from around the world. The core offering is still at our heart, in print and in...

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SHOP ‘Lisa’ – personal work by photographer and DOP HAERING, aka Tanja Häring, for you in the GoSeeSHOP

12.05.2022 • ‘Beauty in Everything’ – the theme of the GoSeeAWARDS 2022 inspired photographer and DOP HAERING, aka Tanja Häring, to create her personal spread. In front of her camera stood model Lisa.

Tanja Häring grew up in a small town near the Black Forest. Fascinated with the power of images already at an early age, she explored painting and photography, subsequently developing her passion for making films.

She first studied Moving Photography at the College of Art in Dortmund and then moved on to the renowned Film Academy BW. Her work has been honored with several awards, including the renowned German Camera Award.

Her strength is her ability to create impressive atmospheres using light, and she has a creative and open-minded approach to camerawork.

GoSee :

Title: Lisa
Photographer: Haering
Hair & Make-up: Elena Schmerberg
Model: Lisa A
Assistant: Elena Catalina Florez
Digital Assistant: Joris Felix

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