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SHOP MAGROUND : CGI & photography for the new electric vehicle LEXUS RZ, background images & HDRi for the NISSAN JUKE RALLY TRIBUTE CONCEPT… and meet the agency at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

03.05.2022 • ‘Premium Backgrounds for Premium Brands.’ Since 2007, MAGROUND has been offering professional users from around the world carefully selected visual material that meets the most demanding standards of quality and uses the newest technologies. True to the slogan ‘Behind Your Product’, the company delivers impressive backgrounds that make products shine. Meet the international specialist for background images this year at UPDATE on 25 May in Berlin.

They present us two projects here on GoSee. CGI & photos were realized for the new LEXUS RZ. “Ten days before the reveal, Lexus updated several details of its new electric vehicle RZ. So far, only part of the exterior has been shown, and this excellent front shot was created with MAGROUND images.”

Plus, backgrounds were also used for NISSAN and the Nissan Juke Rally Tribute Concept. “The renders made with MAGROUND background images and HDRi have been released by Nissan to commemorate 50 years since the 240Z’s victory in the East Africa Rally…” In 1971, NISSAN won the East African Safari Rally with the Datsun 240Z. For the 50th...

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SHOP PHX GLOW’ – personal work by photographer ROBERT WESTRICH captured in and around Phoenix

14.04.2022 • Following an extensive transportation production in and around Phoenix, ROBERT WESTRICH photographed this spread in the evening sun deep on the horizon of Arizona. In front of his camera stood the photogenic Maya Felder, a knitwear artist and self-proclaimed slow fashionista.

For Robert Westrich, his career began with his love of landscapes. This combined with motorcycles, cars or simply everything that moves somehow… Put in some beautiful people and wonderful assignments, what more could you want?

The consequence of which were, of course, even more and bigger jobs for clients such as BMW, Audi, Stihl, Mercedes-Benz… just to name a few. Several years past, many an award received with pleasure, … Today, Robert still lives with his wife and three children happy and content outside of Stuttgart.

Oh yeah, we’ve also got a transportation job to show you… stay tuned!

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SHOP Edition Patrick Frey publishes ‘120 bpm’ – documentary by Swiss photographer Philipp Mueller on the emerging techno scene

07.04.2022 • Swiss photographer Philipp Mueller documented the early days of the techno scene at the beginning of the 1990s in raw photographs – between sequin, plastic and latex – from the very first Zurich Street Parades to the illegal raves and backstage parties in clubs or in the intimacy of private venues for different publications. The book presents a collection of forward-thrusting photo sequences from the years of techno’s rise in Switzerland to become one of the last great youth movements in the country, leaving its imprint on the nightlife, clubs and ongoing innovation in electronic dance music to this day.

Philipp Mueller, born in Zurich and based in Paris, is a professional portrait photographer in the areas of sports, music and film. Among his subjects were the Pet Shop Boys, Daniel Brühl and Roger Federer. His work appears in L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Germany, GQ… to name a few.

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SHOP 'Foreshore' - An observational still life series captured on British beaches by Daniel BENSON c/o MAKING PICTURES

23.03.2022 • A silently observational still life series, captured on a variety of British beaches by photographer Daniel BENSON c/o MAKING PICTURES.

Using colour as a motif throughout his work, Daniel’s photography moves between carefully considered set pieces and observational work.Born in Sheffield, Daniel started out shooting BMX photography with friends, eventually becoming the editor of a magazine he founded. Clients include Apple, Evening Standard, Fred Perry, The Guardian, GQ, Hunter, Nike, The National Trust, Saucony, The Sunday Telegraph, Sony Music, Urban Outfitters and XL Records. tells us about the beaches of the UK : “England has thousands of miles of coastline and hundreds of beaches to show for. Nearly every corner of the country is marked by a diverse collection of sandy coves and niches : secluded places of peace and quiet, family-friendly spots, one surfers paradise after the other, and stretches of soft dreamlike sand to relax on. The most breathtaking beaches of England are scattered across the country and, in the peak of summer, can go head to head with any of...

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