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Go and get it ! - BRODYBOOKINGS presents you the new bwegt TV spot


Der neue bwegt Spot

1 Jahr fahren und dabei 1 Monat sparen. Ein Geschenk des Landes Baden-Württemberg, des Verkehrsministerium und der Verbünde sowie der Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen und der Partner an alle Kunden, die auf ihrem Weg zur Schule, zum Job, zum Shoppen oder in ihrer Freizeit nachhaltig mobil sein wollen. Im neuen TV Spot mit unseren Modellen Alessa (https://www.brodybookings.com/site/models/10503), Elisabeth https://www.brodybookings.com/site/models/11684), Gerald https://www.brodybookings.com/site/models/8878), Karina (https://www.brodybookings.com/site/models/7539) und Louis (https://www.brodybookings.com/site/models/7539).

Client: NVBW, DB Regio BW, VVS
Production: Serviceplan
Styling: Marianna Kurth
Make-up: Laura Aesch
Set Design: Zahira Diefenbach
Model: Alessa
Model2: Gerald
Model3: Elisabeth
Model4: Karina
Photographer: Maks Richter
Model 5: Louis
1. Assistent: Alex Wunsch
2. Assistent: Anton Richter

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“All customers who sign up for an annual subscription now and join us again – or for the first time – not only travel more sustainably, it’s also cheaper for them: New subscribers receive one whole month free of charge.” according to the initiative ‘bwegt – Mobility for Baden-Württemberg”. It is a gift from the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Ministry of Transportation and associations as well as the railway companies and their partners to all customers who choose sustainable mobility for their way to school, to work or in their leisure time.

The gift is advertised with a short TVC. Appearing in the lead roles of the new TV spot are BRODYBOOKINGS models Alessa, Elisabeth, GeraldKarina and Louis. The executive agency was Serviceplan. Director: Maks Richter.

About – bwegt. Baden-Württemberg is on the path to sustainability. Under the umbrella brand bwegt, we are consolidating all measures to make using local public transport even more attractive. With new trains, improved frequencies, broader railway networks, a simpler price structure, and a whole range of new services. The goal: sustainable mobility for everyone and passengers who just love it. GoSee :  bwegt.debrodybookings.com

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