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BUGATTI Chiron Pur Sport films by Simon PUSCHMANN c/o UPFRONT - and we have the director’s cut in the Super 8 version for you on GoSee.News


UPFRONT PHOTO & FILM GMBH: Simon Puschmann for BUGATTI Chiron Pur Sport (Super 8 Version)

Director: Simon Puschmann c/o Upfront Photo & Film GmbH
DOP: Stefan Hegenberg
Production: Tim Michel, Sonda Productions
Usage: Chiron Pur Sport - Super 8 Version
Post Production: Harvest Digital Agriculture
DoP Super 8 Camera: Simon Puschmann c/o Upfront Photo & Film GmbH

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What we have for you here on GoSee.News is nothing less than the director’s cut, and Super 8 version, of the BUGATTI Chiron Pur Sport film shot by photographer and director Simon PUSCHMANN c/o UPFRONT. And that with the original vehicle. For the client’s version, the Chiron Pur Sport was staged in CGI, for which only 5% of the entire Super 8 footage made it into the final edit.

Pure driving pleasure, pure adrenaline – that’s what the new CHIRON PUR SPORT stands for. A substantial evolution of the BUGATTI CHIRON ‘Form follows performance’ concept, making it the most agile and uncompromising hyper sports car of modern times, if you ask Bugatti about the new model.

Director & Super 8 camera master was Simon Puschmann, DOP was Stefan Hegenberg, who worked with Executive Producer Tim Michel together with Sonda Productions. Post production by Harvest Digital Agriculture.

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