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TRANSPORTATION AITO in Twilight - MARC TRAUTMANN photographs the new HUAWEI AITO M9 Electric Vehicle

09.04.2024 • The new HUAWEI AITO M9 EV was photographed by MARC TRAUTMANN on an empty airfield in China. Production of the spread was in the hands of Jedivisual.

Aito (which translates to ‘ask the world’) is a Chinese car brand originally introduced as a sub-brand by Seres Group in 2021. In June 2023, it was completely acquired by tech giant Huawei.

“There is a difference of only one letter between AITO and AUTO: ‘I’ stands for intelligence, which represents innovative technological capabilities such as the HarmonyOS smart cockpit. Empowered by this one letter ‘I’, AITO continues to make cars smarter.” AITO.

In December 2021, Huawei announced the launch of the brand and introduced the Aito M5 as its first vehicle, developed in cooperation with Seres Group. The second model was the Aito M7, which was presented for the first time in April 2022. The brand’s largest model, the Aito M9, has been manufactured since October 2023. Responsible for post production was POP.

HUAWEI AITO M9 Electric Vehicle
Photographer: Marc Trautmann
Production: Jedivisual
Post Production: POP


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TRANSPORTATION PREUSS UND PREUSS present the global campaign ‘For Achievers’ for the MERCEDES-BENZ eSprinter and are supporting our GoSeeAWARDS Jury

26.03.2024 • PREUSS UND PREUSS present the new global campaign ‘For Achievers’ for the new fully electric eSprinter of Mercedes-Benz, which was photographed by MARKUS WENDLER. Plus, we are very pleased to announce that Maximilian Stengl, Creative Director Art at PREUSS UND PREUSS, is supporting our GoSeeAWARDS Jury this year.

The new eSprinter marks a significant milestone in Mercedes-Benz’s electrification strategy for commercial mobility. Equipped with impressive features and a range of up to 400 km, that more than meets everyday driving needs, it is built for success.

The only logical choice for the claim of the new global campaign: ‘For Achievers’. Photographed by Markus Wendler for Preuss und Preuss, the campaign showcases modern achievers at work with their eSprinter and underscores the topic of electric mobility with subtle blue color accents in the environment.

The global campaign not only showcases the newest version of the eSprinter in Europe – it is also the launch campaign for the first-ever eSprinter in North America and was produced half in Atlanta and half in Madrid.


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TRANSPORTATION Anyway’ - an outdoor lifestyle production with the Porsche 991 S2 Cabriolet by transportation duo ANNTHEO

25.03.2024 • With the new series ‘Anyway’, photographer duo ANNTHEO pays tribute not only to the budding spring season but just as much to the unique driving experience of the Porsche 991 S2 Cabriolet.

The Porsche 991 is the seventh generation of the Porsche 911 sports car since its introduction in 1963 and was built from 2011 until 2019. The 991 is the first Porsche with a body made using innovative aluminum-steel composite. The new body in white weighed approximately 80 kilograms less than its predecessor, that of the model 997, thanks to its lightweight design. This resulted in a total weight reduction of around 40 kg in the Porsche 991.

Posing for the lens of ANNTHEO were models Paulina and Antonio S. Responsible for styling was Doreen Regel, with H&M by Brigitte Brenner from Basics.Berlin. Post was in the hands of vividgrey.

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TRANSPORTATION FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH produce artwork for the international communication of the new AUDI Q7 and Q8 series for Ogilvy - we have the first photos and social media reels on GoSee

19.03.2024 • FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH produced motifs and moving images for the AUDI models Q7 and SQ7. “Our client Audi sent us on a 6-week journey once again, during which we shot more than 150 images and social media reels both on location and in outdoor studios – to produce the full range of artwork for the international communication of the new Audi Q7 and Q8 series. Destinations included the United Arab Emirates as well as northern and southern Spain.

Here on GoSee, the photo & film duo presents us a selection from the first part, the ‘Spanish’ job, with fresh new photos for the luxurious and versatile Q7 and SQ7 models recently launched. The creative agency for the project was Ogilvy. The second part with the final material for the Audi Q8 and SQ8 is coming soon.

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