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07.03.2023 • The new Nissan Townstar electric transporter offers several benefits particularly for businesses with its safety systems, connectivity and driver assistance features typically only available in passenger vehicles. The NISSAN TOWNSTAR EV VAN launch motifs were photographed by JAN STEINHILBER for TBWA, Paris. The photo series presents the all-electric version of the modern van in charging and loading situations together with various characters. ZERONE took care of post production.

Art direction was in the hands of Sandrine Bourdais, with art buying by Carine Galluffo (Producer: Tristan Voisin / Stephane Leveque, Styling: Amparo Moreno, Hair & Makeup: Ana Guillem).

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CGI & HDR DOMES MAGROUND : PRIVATE PROPERTY photo production with cleared rights - CGI-READY CONTENT with 3000 BACKGROUND IMAGES & HDR DOMES for car campaigns

06.03.2023 • MAGROUND presents a new private property photo production in Spain. The result of the shoot has just been published on the MAGROUND website. “Of course, these locations come with a property release, ensuring that all third-party rights related to the architecture, the owner, and the environment have been cleared. More than 3000 📸 background images and HDR domes for car integration have been captured for your next campaign,” says the MAGROUND team.

MAGROUND offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional production of marketing content for the automotive industry. Using 3D models and virtual environments, the MAGROUND private property locations with cleared rights of third-parties offer brands high-quality visualizations while saving time and resources.

“Virtual production enables marketing teams to create high-quality visuals without needing large teams and costly location shoots. Instead, all that is required is the appropriate backplate and HDRi content to stage the 3D vehicle in an appealing setting. We have worked on extended productions for numerous...

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TRANSPORTATION JEFF LUDES stages the aerodynamic electric sedan HYUNDAI IONIQ 6 for the Los Angeles Auto Show in photos and film

20.02.2023 • JEFF LUDES presents his new project for HYUNDAI’s latest electric vehicle, the IONIQ 6. “The shoot was coordinated with the official unveiling of the model at the Los Angeles Auto Show; not only with still images, but also a video that played for the crowd, both live and online. Los Angeles also served as the backdrop for the shoot, with locations ranging from skyscrapers to coastal vistas all within a tight radius during the 6-day shoot,” Jeff tells GoSee.

“One day was devoted to the video shoot, and with a ton of shots to get done, the team was split into several units for efficiency. An arm-car unit covered driving shots, and a drone unit did their thing, all while the main unit shot everything else.” After the photos and videos were a wrap, Jeff closely collaborated with the creative agencies and Mainworks for post production.

The graceful streamliner design of the IONIQ 6 highlights the dynamic efficiency, and its sophisticated high-tech features turn every journey into a relaxing pleasure: A new form of sustainable mobility, says Hyundai.

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