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featured by basics berlin : ‘Mama Told Ya’ - French techno DJ and Producer ANETHA in the cover story for NUMÉRO Netherlands - creative direction by Julius FORGO & Tanja FORGO-METTLER, both artists c/o BASICS.BERLIN

“Anetha embodies the contemporary techno sound and is an artist not to be missed. Hailing from Bordeaux in France, this dynamic DJ perfectly integrates her diverse influences into her style, creating a sound that is both robust and agile. Having cut her teeth at renowned Parisian party residency Blocaus and held positions at Awakenings and Fuse, among others, she launched her own label, ‘Mama Told Ya’, in 2019.

During the exclusive digital cover shoot for Numéro NL, we had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with her, delving into the roots of her passion and talking about her upcoming album.” 

The interview was conducted by Marie-Pauline Cesari in November 2023, and the spread was photographed by Nina Raasch, with creative direction in the hands of Julius FORGO & Tanja FORGO-METTLER, both c/o BASICS.BERLIN.

CLIENT Numéro Netherlands
CREATIVE DIRECTOR Julius Forgo & Tanja Forgo-Mettler c/o Basics Berlin

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featured by Nina Klein : ‘Confronting Your Insecurities’ – actress Laura Berlin in an interview with ZOO MAGAZINE – styling by Saskia JUNG c/o NINA KLEIN (photos: Nina Raasch)

The latest issue of ZOO magazine – #76 ‘A Different Perspective’ – presents the cover spread ‘Confronting Your Insecurities’ with Laura Berlin, which was photographed by Nina Raasch (London, Berlin) and styled by Saskia JUNG c/o NINA KLEIN. In the spread, she talks about her role in the Netflix series ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ and the time she spent on the film set in Ireland.

Born in Berlin, coincidentally, Laura Berlin gained fame as a model and actress in fairy tales and teen films. She started her modeling career at VIVA Models Berlin in fashion shows for Boss, Balenciaga, Michalsky and Fornarina. She is now making an appearance in the Netflix series ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ as Queen Emma of Normandy. It is the first role for the actress in an international period film.
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