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news featured by Emeis Deubel ‘NOMADIC FREEDOM’ the CAMEL ACTIVE S/S ‘21 campaign, photographed by Autumn SONNICHSEN c/o EMEIS DEUBEL for Donkey Communications in Brazil

Summer styles of casual jackets, to cargo shorts or even summer sandals: The CAMEL ACTIVE S/S collection made of natural and durable materials is made for day to day life full of adventure. CAMEL ACTIVE commissioned Autumn SONNICHSEN c/o EMEIS DEUBEL to photograph part of the Spring/Summer ‘21 campaign in Brazil, which the fashion photographer calls her home.

The creative concept came from advertising and design agency Donkey Communication, which has accompanied CAMEL ACTIVE for fifteen years on its way from a very masculine brand for adventurers to becoming a leading supplier of casual outdoor clothing. Production was in the hands of GoSee Member NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS with local support from Lucia Coimbra from GoSee Member TWO PALM PRODUCTIONS.

“Adventure and outdoor are still the mainstays of Camel Active. Our campaigns tell stories of new places. Of adventures big and small, which we encounter every day if we go through life with our eyes wide open. We’re not talking about...

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