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featured by SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT : 'The Brunch Club' - the sequel to an 80s teen movie as editorial for VOGUE PORTUGAL with styling by Elena PSALTI c/o SHOTVIEW

VOGUE PORTUGAL has just published ‘The Brunch Club’ as a modern sequel to classic teen movie ‘The Breakfast Club’(1985). It was photographed by An Le, with styling taken care of by Elena PSALTI c/o SHOTVIEW. Creative Direction was in the hands of An Le and Victoria Pavon, in a production by NOW OPEN.

The spread appeared in ‘Silly Season’ of summer issue The [Un]Popular Issue’ – an absolutely safe zone, in which unpopularity is neither judged nor devalued and popularity can be questioned,” says Editor in Chief of Lighthouse Publishing and Co-Owner Sofia Lucas.

VOGUE: “It's The Breakfast Club (1985), revised and augmented. A sequel to the famous 80s movie, if budget were an issue, the casting room was a last-minute-booked public pool and the location was a favor called in on the producer’s uncle. For everything else, well, there’s everything, in a 2.0 version designed for 2023. There’s the bad boy, the privileged, the athlete, the artist, the nerd and a series of other characters that reflect a multitude of young people who are today a reflection of what they should represent. All are popular in their tribes, none of them is popular per se because their special characteristics place them in a circle apart: one that is theirs alone, which is the manifest of a unique identity, but above all, an honest one. An amalgam of references not always perceived, but always true. And above all, popular with each of those who wear them, even if unpopular with others.”

Creative Direction: @anlestudio @pavonvic @nowopentv
Photographer / Director: @anlestudio @nowopentv
Styling: @elena_psalti     Hair: @hairbytaku
Art department / Set & Props: @philipphaemmerle
Production: @nowopentv
On-site Producer: @carolineyi_
DP: @zachcooperdp   1st AD: Alex Cope
Gaffer: @schrammalamadingdong
Film tech (studio day): @ctsmth (pool day): @brandynliu
Digitech: @jamesfrancnyc
Actor Casting: @199xcasting
Model Casting & Post Production: @nowopentv

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