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About Olff Appold

Olff Appold has been working in his loft studios in Hamburg for 19 years. Shooting images for advertising agencies and magazines, he has also developed and designed editorial content and comprehensive brand communications, advertisements and product presentations.
The creative studios offer clients everything from logistics spread over two studios to product preparation, elaborate set-ups and dummy constructions. Close collaboration with the best stylists and creatives enhances the studio's work to provide strong brand imagery for every client.
Olff's style is lucid and clearly defined, and yet he is very creative when it comes to staging even the simplest of objects. In-house post-production and look-development leads to contemporary visual languages, guaranteeing agencies and clients alike perfect results from a single source.
In addition, Olff increasingly works for the luxury goods industry as well as strong fashion brands. Since the beginning of his career he has photographed for fashion and lifestyle magazines that regularly publish his personal editorial series.
In addition, he produces high-quality advertising films for his clients in the entire field of visual communication: POS, Web and social media