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news Celebrating Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary - ONE HUNDRED BERLIN presents ‘CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE’ by Eric Johnson for V Magazine

Celebrating Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary, V connects two generations of female powerhouses who have signalled the turn of a new era for the once male-dominated genre. Appearing in the V142 Summer issue of the magazine and photographed by Eric Johnson.

In front of his camera: Young Devyn, Leondra Roshawn Gay, aka Monaleo, Connie Diiamond, and Brooklyn Candida Rodriguez, aka Bktherula. The motifs were post-produced by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

“My family’s from Trinidad, so we have a genre called Soca. And I got very big in the Soca genre because I started at the age of eight. I blew up in the first six months, and I was on tour from like eight to fourteen. I always felt like, because I’m authentically from Trinidad and authentically from Brooklyn, I could kind of be the artist that bridges that gap and makes it mainstream. I never thought Hip Hop would ever be what it has been, that kind of just happened organically.” Young Devyn.

“So happy I can finally post and speak about this. Knowing...

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