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ADIDAS ‘Remember the why’ Chapter I & II by Levi Walton – post-produced by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

“When the noise distracts you and makes you question where you’re headed. Go back to your roots and focus on why you started in the first place. Remember your why, in order to move forward.” ADIDAS.

For the ADIDAS X LEVI WALTON cooperation, ONE HUNDRED BERLIN was in charge of post production of the motifs presented here. We have Chapter I and II for you on GoSee.NEWS.

Levi Walton is a photographer and director in NYC, who was born and raised in Panama. His works have been published in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Booooooom, Monster Children, Rolling Stone, Dazed Magazine… just to name a few. He navigates between editorial, portrait and documentary photography with a knack for extraordinary, unique motifs – and work spanning both digital and analog media.

GoSee : onehundredberlin.com

Photography: Levi Walton III
Styling: Al Rogers Jr.
MUA: Jen Fiamengo
Finishing and post production: One Hundred Berlin
Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Production: Sibling Artists

Photographer: Levi Walton rep. Sibling Artists
Executive Producer: Leigh Anderson
Hair & Makeup Artist: Jen Fiamengo
Wardrobe Stylist: Sue Choi
Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Senior Producer: Riley Carithers
Finishing: One Hundred Berlin

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ONE HUNDRED BERLIN post-produces the L’OCCITANE STAR INGREDIENTS campaign for photographer Alexander Kilian and the agency Anomaly

Photographer: Alexander Kilian represented by Freda+Woolf
Finishing: One Hundred Berlin
Photo Assistant: Ruben Schmitdt
Prod. Designer: Ruth Barlett
Prod.: Anna Bauer
Prod. Company: BWGTBLD
Ad Agency: Anomaly
CD: Sebastian Lyman and Justin Fly
Senior Art Director: Marc Garreta Mayara Schmidt
Producer: Eric Kim
Creative Project Manager: Julia Saumande
ECD: Remi Guigou
AD: Celine Ducros
Brand Manager: Alicia Schieferdecker
PR Manager: Coraline Pages
Head of Production: Tatiana Giudici

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ONE HUNDRED BERLIN presents : MOROCCANOIL by photographer Angelo Sgambati - and meet OHB in XXL at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

Moroccanoil contains nature’s impressive magic weapon against damaged hair: argan oil. The valuable oil from Morocco is an ingredient of all care and styling products, and has been known for quite some time for its regenerative and nourishing effect. MOROCCANOIL was founded by New York resident and Chilean native Carmen Tal. Today, her products are available in more than 68 countries.

The motifs presented here were photographed by Angelo Sgambati and post-produced by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

Argan oil has a moisturizing, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial effect. It is used for skin-,hair-, and nailcare, as a remedy for the treatment of skin blemishes, connection tissue weakness, skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis – or even as cooking oil.

Argan oil is produced by pressing it from the kernels of the ripe berry fruit of the argan tree (Argania spinosa). Found exclusively in southwestern Morocco, the regions in which Arganeraie are grown were declared a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO in 1998. This was preceded by projects aimed at the preservation of traditional farming methods, artisanal oil extraction, and the preservation of the Berber culture in connection with the argan tree, which were commissioned by the Moroccan royal family and conducted by the German developmental aid agency GTZ.

The centuries-old knowledge and techniques for using the tree and its fruits were recognized in November 2014 as part of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

GoSee : moroccanoil.com & onehundredberlin.com

CLIENT Moroccanoil
POST PRODUCTION One Hundred Berlin
STYLING Leah Adicoff
HAIR Greg Gilmore
MODEL Josie Redmond, Ava Taghioff, Natalia Caban and Arah Cho
PHOTOGRAPHER Angelo Sgambati

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