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ALEX CONSANI : MISS MAWMA! photographed by Vitali Gelwich for CR FASHION BOOK – with retouch by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

For CR FASHION BOOK, Vitali Gelwich realized spread with Alex Consani, with post by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

CR FASHION BOOK : “Starting a TikTok during the COVID-19 lockdown fast-tracked the aspiring model to international fame. On the video-sharing platform, the Bay Area native effortlessly brings her sense of humor to life, sharing hysterical fiery moments from the comfort of her own bedroom that’s reverential to early aughts YouTubers like Jenna Marbles. Now with over three million cross-channel followers on the app, who have bestowed her the moniker “Ms. Mawma,” Consani aligns with the next generation of supermodels in the digital era, one defined by an obsession with authenticity, values, and raw personality. In a testament to her digital influence, Forbes recognized Consani’s impact by ranking her thirty-first on the list of Top Creators: Fashion 50 last October.”

Talent Alex Consani @alexconsani
Photographer Vitali Gelwich @vitali_gelwich
Fashion Niki Galopine @niki.galopine
Fashion Consultant Stéphane Roches @rochesstephane
Production Ben Miller Bibesco @ben.mb._ CANADA Photo @canadacanadaphoto
Hair Yumiko Hikage @hikageyumiko at CLM
Makeup Sophea Yen @sohphea
Nails Cecilia Abbas @cecilia.abbas_
Set Designer Emilia Margulies@emilia.margulies at Concrete Rep.
Executive EU Producer @saraluvi
Casting Giulia Massullo @giuliamassullo @dmcasting
Editorial Director Natalie Shukur @natalieshukur
Digital Director + Words Vienna Vernose @viennavernose
Photo Assistants Paul Skulimma @paul_skulimma Patrick Zoellig @patrickzoellig Arthur Jung @arthur_jung
Styling Assistant Malou Beaumont @maloubeaumont
Post One Hundred Berlin
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OYSHO presents a new Golf collection – ‘Our club, Our Rules’ campaign by Lucho Vidales with creative retouch by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

Whether at the golf course or tennis court, we're swinging into the new season with style! The ‘Our Club, Our Rules’ campaign for sport & lifestyle brand OYSHO was photographed by Luchos Vidales. In charge of creatively realizing the campaign was Sergio Rueda Cubillas, and post came from ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

Photographer: Luchos Vidales @LuchoVidales
1st Assistant: Edoardo de Armas @e.dearmas
Digi: Pablo Leono @pabloleono
Production: Be Sweet Films @besweetfilms
Creative/Art Director: Sergio Rueda @sergio.wheel
Head of Production: Eva Monge Araus @eva.among.us
Styling: Tamara Campaña @tamara_campana_
Finishing: @onehundredberlin
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Emily Soto photographs actress Kristen Stewart for VARIETY Mag – with finishing touches in post production by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

The title of VARIETY this January read : “How Kristen Stewart Became a Queer Trailblazer.” It’s been quite some time since the ‘Twilight’ trilogy became a thing of the past for the star, who has meanwhile played in a number of independent films, including ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’, ‘Still Alice’, ‘Certain Women’, ‘Personal Shopper’ as well as in the Princess Diana themed drama ‘Spencer’ - which even brought her an Oscar nomination. She didn’t end up winning it, but she is the first American actress to win the César film award, which is considered the French version of the Oscar.

The motifs presented here were photographed by Emily Soto, and ONE HUNDRED BERLIN was on the job for post production.

This year, she can be seen in the feature film ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ by Rose Glass. Its plot : The romantic thriller is set in the world of bodybuilding and is about an athlete who falls in love with a gym manager with a criminal past. Appearing in the lead roles are Katy O’Brian and Kristen Stewart.

Photographer: Emily Soto
Photo Director: Jennifer Dorn @jenniferdorn
Stylist: Tara Swennen @taraswennen
Makeup: Jillian Dempsey @jilliandempsey
Hair: Adir Abergel @hairbyadir
Photo Assistants: Chase Harding @_chasespace_ Juan Román @juaanjromaan
Digi: Patrick Kim @patrickkimstudio
Post: One Hundred Berlin

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