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featured by GoSee FASHION : Sunnei, Dilara Findikoglu, Magda Butrym, Magliano, Ümit Benan … – Milan-based Stylist and Art Director ÖZGE EFEK recommends designers and presents you her new jewelry label EFEK on GoSee.NEWS

Özge Efek is a fashion stylist and art director based in Milan, Italy. She develops editorial spreads, commercial shoots, video clips as well as spots together with international magazines and fashion brands. Her styling is marked by authenticity, boldness and a keen eye for trends.

She just recently launched her own jewelry label by the name of EFEK. It is inspired by antique Mesopotamian and Anatolian pieces of jewelry. Özge received her M.A. degree in Fashion Sciences (University of Bologna) and her Bsc degree in International Relations (METU). She speaks fluently in Italian, English and, of course, Turkish. Here is our short interview with Özge for you on GoSee.NEWS : 

How do you prepare for a new fashion season?
I reset my brain and get rid of what’s left in it from the last season to make some room for new ideas. Changing countries sometimes (coming from Turkey) makes my mind reflect more, and I try to analyze and guess what will come next. I keep an eye open for international news, trends and events because I believe that fashion is not isolated from world affairs and politics.

Which designers can you recommend for our readers?
On my personal watch list are Sunnei, Dilara Findikoglu, Magda Butrym, Magliano, Ümit Benan

How did Covid affect your work?
Traveling became harder. I am not booked as much from abroad as I was before, and Italian or Turkish production companies are often unable to organize international shoots.

Eco-fashion and sustainability in fashion – your point of view?
I believe that eco-fashion and sustainability are now growing trends, but I’m not sure if it is really possible to reduce the impact on the environment (by creating only eco-fashion capsule collections etc.), whether through raw material sourcing, the actual manufacturing process, or the disposal of waste. I am doubtful about the issue.

Tell us about your accessories? Your collection?
I launched my jewelry brand ‘Efek’ after being in love with antique Mesopotamian & Anatolian jewelry for years and years. The collection has two main lines: Antique pieces and contemporary pieces designed by me. All products are in 925 or 800 silver or plated in 22ct gold. Most of Efek jewelry is either a one-off or a limited piece and has a story. I love symbols like Kybelé, Sahmeran, the Nazar sun, snakes, the moon, the eye... so my jewelry is also full of symbols :)

Which city or region do you consider trendy at the moment?
I wouldn’t say trendy, but the next destination that I’d like to see for inspiration would be Andalusia or Mexico. What is your next move? I want to launch an Efek website and get started with e-commerce, accompanied by a S/S ‘22 press day presentation. I’d also like to organize the campaign shoot for my brand with a few real people and model friends. I have an upcoming editorial project in Paris, and I’d like to travel/work somewhere totally different this year.

Özge Efek is represented by LES ARTISTS BY JOSEF STOCKINGER. GoSee :

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