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PALLADIUMFILM teams up with Director Irina Dakova and TBWA to stage the new s.Oliver fragrance Scent of You – with a little bit of magic in the air

That magical moment when eyes meet and two souls recognize one another… When coincidence slips into the role of fate, and one is in the right place at the right time. The new sensual fragrances for women and men from s.Oliver Scent of You celebrate these seemingly coincidental encounters and the indescribable first impression – as if predestined by fate. Together with Director Irina Dakova, PALLADIUMFILM produced the beauty and lifestyle commercial for the new fragrance.

“Two people in the right place at the right time, and coincidentally, something magical emerges… We created these beautiful moments with our amazing clients from Mäurer & Wirtz, S.OLIVER, and TBWA Germany for the new fragrance Scent of You by s.Oliver.”

The s.Oliver fragrance collection, also known as s.Oliver Fragrances, is a perfume manufactured under license by the company Mäurer & Wirtz, which was founded in 1845 by Ernst Mäurer and Andreas August Wirtz. Mäurer & Wirtz is an independent subsidiary since 1990 of Dalli-Werke GmbH & Co. KG. The family business is headed in the fifth generation by Managing Partner Hermann Wirtz and CEO Stephen Kemen.

Dalli-Werke, aka the dalli group, is a German manufacturer of drugstore products. The family-owned and operated company is also run in the fifth generation by Hermann Wirtz, one of the shareholders. The dalli group has a main focus on the European brand and private label business and is, in particular, a supplier to German discount retail chains. Its most well-known products include Tandil (Aldi), Cien (Lidl), Balea (dm) or Blik (Penny).

GoSee : soliver.de & dalli-group.com & m-w.de & palladiumfilm.com
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BETTY BARCLAY WILD FLOWER – the new TVC for the fragrance staged in a magical flowery meadow, produced by PALLADIUM FILM for advertising agency Ofenstein

These are the moments of magic, when we encounter the fleeting beauty of nature or the unexpected surprises that life has in store for us. BETTY BARCLAY Wild Flower whisks us away to a meadow bursting with wildflowers…

This year, PALLADIUM FILM has once again produced the TVC for BETTY BARCLAY, which was directed by IVO WEJGAARD. The dreamlike photos were captured by DOP PASCAL WALDER. Standing in front of the camera was Gabrielė Sodonytė from Ruta Models, and creative responsibility was as always in the hands of Munich-based agency OFENSTEIN (art buying: Anna Malmedie, producer: Zoé Grünberg, editing: Martina Losen, Junior Producer: Bea Winkler, Executive Producer: Knut Losen).

Just like a wildflower that seeks its own way to grow in places that others, and perhaps even itself, would never have imagined possible, the Betty Barclay Wild Flower fragrance inspires its wearers to go their own way, and to recognize their own magnificence – for true strength lies in imperfection and authenticity… The fragrance BETTY BARCLAY WILD FLOWER and its associated care products have been available in stores since June 2022.
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PALLADIUMFILM produces the commercial for the new twin fragrance sOliver ‘Pure Sense’ with Director Nina Aaldering and DOP Paul Özgür, filmed for Mäurer & Wirtz in Malaga

PALLADIUMFILM produced the commercial for sOliver ‘Pure Sense’, the new twin fragrance which exudes intensity reduced to the essential: pure, clean, genuine and natural.

“s.Oliver ‘Pure sense’ was filmed in the countryside in Malaga. Nina Aaldering takes the audience to a place of longing far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Being at peace with yourself. Focusing on what’s real and pure in life – naturalness has never been as fascinating and important as it is today. Because far away from the stress and confines of everyday life lies true fulfillment, pure happiness – and all that matters is the essential. The wonderful photos were captured by Paul Özgür,” says PALLADIUMFILM (Exec. Producer was Knut Losen, Junior Producer Bea Winkler and Art Buyer Diana Marquardt).
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