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About Pascale Weber

Pascale Weber is a Zürich based photographer. In 2010 she started her three years education as a photographer (Fotodesigner HFP). During this time she discovered her passion for still life photography. Pascale's work focuses on presenting products in playful and unusual ways, which consequently, allows the viewer to see the objects in a new light.

Clients of Pascale Weber

Bloomberg Businessweek, Fräulein, Intersection, Berwelten, NZZ Stil, Friday, Bolero, Vivai Migros, Vista Gesundheits-Magazin, Landliebe, SI Grün, SI Style, Faces, Ballad of, Atlas, I love you, One, Superior 

Sensai Cosmetics, Fromage Mauerhofer, Groupe Mutuel, Mikks, Food & Wine, Interio, Spirella, Universität Zürich, Siroop, Raelle, Nasire