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featured by STILLSTARS : AI Doghouses - personal work by photographer Pascale WEBER c/o STILLSTARS

“Zurich-based photographer Pascale Weber delved into the realm of artificial intelligence, crafting a delightful narrative surrounding AI dogs and their one-of-a-kind doghouses.” STILLSTARS.
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featured by STILLSTARS : Accessories for DSCENE Mag – photographed by Pascale WEBER c/o STILLSTARS

“Pascale Weber has beautifully orchestrated the presentation of these accessories for DScene Magazine, creating a luminous and captivating showcase.” STILLSTARS.

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featured by STILLSTARS : ‘The new standard for plant-based meat’ – Pascale WEBER c/o STILLSTARS photographs food stills for PLANTED FOOD

“Vegan food appears to be our future, elegantly and beautifully captured by Pascale Weber, our talented new photographer from Zurich.” STILLSTARS.

PLANTED creates ‘meat’ from plant proteins – concentrating on the perfect bite and taste. And bite by bite, the company aims to reduce the negative impact of the traditional meat industry on our planet while providing healthy and tasty protein. Their plant-based meat is made from natural ingredients, contains no additives and saves animal lives.

“Planted is so much more than just a (very) delicious product – it’s an attitude. We strive to radically change the way meat is perceived and consumed, and inspire a transition from eating animal protein to eating plant protein.” PLANTED FOODS.

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