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Join the iKAMPER Glam Nation - PETER SCHREIBER photographs and films the GENESIS Black Edition X iKAMPER campaign

Shooting this kind of a road movie with the new GENESIS Black Edition in Croatia this summer was quite challenging, as we are told by director PETER SCHREIBER. But you know what they say : All that counts is the result – and this one’s definitely a must-see !

“The new trend of combining a luxury SUV, like the Genesis GV70, with the glamping lifestyle of iKamper roof-top tents gave us, and the creative team, a lot to talk about and play with…” says Peter Schreiber, director & photographer.

The luxury automobile brand Genesis is a subsidiary of the South Korean conglomerate Hyundai and was founded in 2015. The Genesis GV70 is the second SUV after the larger GV80 and is manufactured only in Ulsan, South Korea.

iKamper, founded by Soon Park, is a multinational brand with customers meanwhile in more than 40 countries : “Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values. We’re committed to learning and growing as a company and as individuals. We provide a healthy work-life balance for all of our employees – from Soon, who still goes camping as much as he can, to our production workers in Korea, who are treated with respect and paid fair wages.” iKAMPER.

The video was shot by DOP Chris Behnisch/Ivory Productions, Munich, and production support came from BAAM Productions Croatia.

GoSee : ikamper.competerschreiber.com
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featured by Sonja Heintschel : SONJA HEINTSCHEL is delighted to welcome NEW entry photographer PETER SCHREIBER, Munich

We are delighted to welcome our new entry PETER SCHREIBER! Peter is by no means a stranger to the industry: Thanks to his powerful visual language and the consistently high quality of his work, he has succeeded in building an impressive client portfolio over the years.” Sonja Heintschel tells us.

Sonja continues : “His versatility enables him to be equally active in the areas of cars & transportation, advertising, portraits, fashion & lifestyle. Peter continuously develops his personal style and is open to new directions and challenges. His positive mindset and extremely congenial personality make him very popular among all of his clients. His strong will to never give up, always keeping a smile on his face, is simply out of this world!”

See for yourself – we have a portfolio of his work for you right here on GoSee.News.

GoSee : peterschreiber.comsonja-heintschel.com
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PETER SCHREIBER stages the limited and 2.4 million dollar electric hypercar PININFARINA BATTISTA 1900 HP for RAMP

Automobili Pininfarina has begun production of BATTISTA, the first all-electric hypercar, at its Atelier in Cambiano, Italy – where a total of 150 exclusive automobiles will be individually handcrafted by a team of artisans. Clients are invited to a lounge to express their personal specifications. PETER SCHREIBER, who had the honor of staging the hypercar with an all-electric powertrain and carbon fibre body for RAMP MAG, was not only thrilled by its design but also by its sound.

Peter Schreiber tells us : “Automobili Pininfarina gave me the opportunity to shoot the ultimate hypercar Battista for ramp magazine. Taking e-mobility to the next level, the engineers at Automobili Pininfarina designed the first hyper GT of their own and named it after the great Mr. Battista Pininfarina – simply ‘Battista.’ The 2.4 million dollar hypercar makes a Formula 1 car look somewhat lacking when you see these tech specs: 1900 hp, 0-300 km/h in under 6 seconds!

It’s not only the incredible force you feel behind you when you push the pedal to the metal, but also the amazing feeling you get from the wonderful sound design when you’re behind the wheel of this rocket! Thanks to everybody from Automobili Pininfarina and ramp for making this happen!”

And we learn about the sound design from Paolo Dellachà, Chief Product and Engineering Officer for Automobili Pininfarina: “Our sound designers and engineers have crafted a unique, organic EV sound experience for clients. The Battista voice is emotional and authentic for everyone who experiences the vehicle.”

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