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News // 21 News by Peter Schreiber Photodesign

PETER SCHREIBER stages the limited and 2.4 million dollar electric hypercar PININFARINA BATTISTA 1900 HP for RAMP

Automobili Pininfarina has begun production of BATTISTA, the first all-electric hypercar, at its Atelier in Cambiano, Italy – where a total of 150 exclusive automobiles will be individually handcrafted by a team of artisans. Clients are invited to a lounge to express their personal specifications. PETER SCHREIBER, who had the honor of staging the hypercar with an all-electric powertrain and carbon fibre body for RAMP MAG, was not only thrilled by its design but also by its sound.

Peter Schreiber tells us : “Automobili Pininfarina gave me the opportunity to shoot the ultimate hypercar Battista for ramp magazine. Taking e-mobility to the next level, the engineers at Automobili Pininfarina designed the first hyper GT of their own and named it after the great Mr. Battista Pininfarina – simply ‘Battista.’ The 2.4 million dollar hypercar makes a Formula 1 car look somewhat lacking when you see these tech specs: 1900 hp, 0-300 km/h in under 6 seconds!

It’s not only the incredible force you feel behind you when you push the pedal to the metal, but also the amazing feeling you get from the wonderful sound design when you’re behind the wheel of this rocket! Thanks to everybody from Automobili Pininfarina and ramp for making this happen!”

And we learn about the sound design from Paolo Dellachà, Chief Product and Engineering Officer for Automobili Pininfarina: “Our sound designers and engineers have crafted a unique, organic EV sound experience for clients. The Battista voice is emotional and authentic for everyone who experiences the vehicle.”

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PETER SCHREIBER photographs ‘Level Up Your Eye Game’ for visionary start-up 4 OWLS Gaming Glasses with Urbanuncut and Jung von Matt Neckar

With the launch of the campaign ‘Level Up Your Eye Game’, the start-up 4 OWLS presents itself to the gaming community for the first time. Because they have got their eye on particularly this target group to sharpen their vision considerably when they are gaming. With professional gaming glasses which not only protect the eyes but also give players a decisive edge when it comes to performance.

“Just as sharp and full of contrast as the photos is your vision when wearing the new gamer glasses from 4 OWLS! Under the overall direction of JVM Neckar and in cooperation with film production company Urbanuncut, we photographed the matching photos to go with the video,” Peter tells GoSee.

‘All communication elements are aimed at taking control of the visual perception of gamers. In other words, basically to let them experience with their own eyes a taste of how the glasses from 4 OWLS will level up their game,” says the team from Jung von Matt NECKAR.
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PETER SCHREIBER photographs ‘The Fastest Porsche of Africa’ for RAMP – the 911 Turbo of Franco Scribante – on the Killarney Motor Racing Circuit

RAMP magazine presents the PORSCHE special : “Cape of Good Grip: Photographer Peter Schreiber and the fastest Porsche in Africa. Things are revving up in South Africa – and that with very classical monochrome flair. Well, at least in the impressive photo spread by Peter Schreiber, who just recently captured the unique 911 Turbo of Franco Scribante.” Here on GoSee, we present you the spread and give you a glimpse of the interview.

RAMP: What makes it the fastest Porsche? Can you be a little more specific?
Peter Schreiber: In fact, there is no other Porsche in Africa that has been so elaborately tuned – even Porsche didn’t know about this car until recently… with a power output of 950 hp and a top speed of 360 kph!

So, what’s the story behind this car and its owner?
Aldo Scribante was and is a motorsport legend in Africa – the Scribante Racing Circuit in Port Elizabeth is also named after him. His son Franco Scribante strives for the same and has therefore gathered a team of experts and mechanics around him. As an extremely ambitious team player and experienced driver, he manages to win almost every race in Africa!

What was the biggest challenge for you during the shoot?
I wanted to show the uniqueness of this extraordinary car and the enthusiasm for racing in Africa – but without using the usual look of racing photos.

And what was particularly important to you in the photos? What are the shots meant to convey?
The atmosphere in Killarney is always special because the racetrack is seemingly frozen in time: As a spectator, you can be extremely close to the action – much closer than at similar events in Europe.

What made you decide then to photograph the spread of all things in black and white?
For me, black and white is always the big challenge in photography – it reduces everything to the bare essentials. And particularly the warm, but also natural, South African light so rich in contrast automatically conjures wonderful contrasts in the photos.
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