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featured by ASTRID M. OBERT : Model and muse Charissa Snyman at the beach for WICKED GAME magazine… photographed by ASTRID M. OBERT

Fashion photographer ASTRID M. OBERT photographed an editorial for WICKED GAME magazine with model and muse Charissa Snyman c/o BOSS MODELS, Cape Town. Astrid M. Obert: “The story was a reunion after eight years on the exact same beach where her first photographic session took place. Enjoy the summer vibes!”

Styling: Petra Tielmann, hair & make-up: Anja FICHTENMAYER c/o BIGOUDI. The production was supported by GoSee premium member FIRST PRODUCTIONS, Cape Town.
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featured by ASTRID M. OBERT : ASTRID M. OBERT presents ‘Rainbow Rocks’ with up-and-coming model Olivia Sang in Elegance Magazine NL on GoSee

In the editorial ‘Rainbow Rocks’ for ELEGANCE MAGAZINE NL, fashion photographer ASTRID M. OBERT presents us inspiring couture and a stunning, energetic model. In charge of styling & concept was Petra Tielmann, and art direction was in the hands of Riaan Kleynhans, with hair & make-up by Anja Fichtenmeyer c/o BIGOUDI. Production was taken care of by GoSee member 1ST PRODUCTIONS (model: Olivia Sang – Boss Models CPT, equipment – Flash CPT, retouching – Markus Broenner). It was all photographed in Cape Town with the ‘Cape’ or table cloth formed by clouds in the background delightfully pushing themselves over the Table Mountain.

Featured are designer dresses by Valentina Braun Couture, couture of the celebrated German fashion brands Danny Reinke, Hannah Iosabo, Jessy Stuchly, and Stefania Morland as well as exotic leather accessories by Kat Van Duinen.

A particular eye-catcher here is above all Olivia Sang from Boss Models Cape Town. Astrid tells us thrilled about the up-and-coming model: “Growing up in a small village in Kenya, Olivia was inspired to achieve by her hard-working family – graduating as a finance major and gaining experience in strategic planning and financial management. A sense of adventure led her to explore other career options, and she traveled to South Africa to kick off what has turned into a hugely successful model career. With many brands valuing not just her looks, but her incredible energy and work ethic, as well as her deeply empathetic nature. Olivia has aligned herself to charities that work with children and those that are hunger-stricken, in particular the Ukama Community Foundation, Hope for Alex and UNICEF.”
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