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News // 18 News by Philipp Rathmer

‘At Second Glance’– campaign for the German Depression Relief Foundation, with portraits by PHILIPP RATHMER

‘At Second Glance’ – the campaign for the German Depression Relief Foundation features captivating portraits by PHILIPP RATHMER. The campaign challenges our prejudices, underscoring the fact that depression is difficult or impossible to recognize at first glance. The executive agency was Grabarz & Partner.

The German Depression Relief and Suicide Prevention Foundation was established in 2008 and is an independent nonprofit organization in accordance with the German civil code. The foundation continuously strives to improve care for those suffering from depression because the majority of suicides occur as a consequence of untreated or inadequately treated depression. Typical symptoms of depression include melancholy mood swings, frequent brooding, a feeling of hopelessness and a reduced drive.

Philipp Rathmer, born 1968 in Düsseldorf, is a photographer with a main focus on fashion, lifestyle and advertising. Since 1995, he has been working for agencies, celebrities and magazines from his base in Hamburg.

GoSee : deutsche-depressionshilfe.dephilipprathmer.com

PHILIPP RATHMER ‘At Second Glance’ for the German Depression Relief Foundation
Advertising Agency Grabarz & Partner
Creative Directors Ralf Nolting, Tim Lehnebach, Ralf Heuel (CCO)
Art Directors Alberto Espeja, Lucas Rocha
Art Buyer Indra Habermann
Copywriter Márcio Bittencourt
Photographer Philipp Rathmer
Account Manager Angela Schubert

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PHILIPP RATHMER presents his project ‘The Book of Common Sense’ - a visual ode to respect and community

In his project ’The Book of Common Sense’, which he presents us here on GoSee, well-known photographer and director PHILIPP RATHMER explores the topics of ‘Respect’ and ‘Community’.

Philipp : “Common sense is a valuable asset in many aspects of life, and especially when it comes to matters of love, respect, social life, sharing, and wisdom. Love is one of the most powerful emotions, and a common sense approach to love can help us build strong and meaningful relationships with those around us. To love with common sense, we must be kind, respectful, and understanding of others. We should also be honest and open in our communication, and be aware of each other’s needs and boundaries. Respect is another important aspect of life.”

We wanted to know how he came up with the idea for the project. Philipp : “Well, mainly because I have the feeling that people are no longer using their common sense, or may even be losing it. Normal things actually like respect, social commitment and mutual cooperation don’t seem commonplace anymore. Everybody just asks Google or the iPhone instead of asking their own brain, or talking to each other, discussing things or asking questions. That’s why I wanted to create something that people could physically hold in their hands. Something that gets printer ink on their fingers when they browse through it. So I published it all as a printed newspaper.”

Philipp photographed with his team (styling: Lori Mybergh, hair & makeup: Teri Tomsett) at Clarke’s Book Shop in Cape Town. Posing for his camera were models Anouk, Camryn Göhre, Chloe Hirschmann, Matthew Burgess, Theo Ward, and Tian Brennicke – all c/o Kultmodels Cape Town. It was produced by Episode Media Prod.

If you are interested in ‘The Book of Common Sense’, all you have to do is get in touch with Philipp.

GoSee : philipprathmer.com
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featured by Upfront Photo & Film GmbH : A sign for openness and tolerance - the WELCOMING OUT campaign for CarlNann with portraits by Philipp RATHMER c/o UPFRONT

With the symbol WELCOMING OUT, people can make their open and accepting attitude towards the LGBTIQ+ community visible – showing that their presence is a safe space and no one will be excluded because of their sexual orientation.

The campaign was developed by the agency CarlNann with CD Patrik Hartmann and was awarded Bronze at the Ukrainian Creative Stories. We present the photos by Philipp RATHMER c/o UPDATE here on GoSee.

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