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featured by Sonja Heintschel : BEYMEN invites you to the CITY CLUB – with a Beymen Club Fall/Winter 2022 campaign spot by VIVIENNE & TAMAS c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL

“Time flies faster than ever. We are in a friendly race against time. On the one hand, we want to live in harmony with nature and discover our own limits – while setting sail for innovations on the other. This delicate balance encourages us to be constantly on the move. Exploration lies at the very heart of a dynamic lifestyle, and being on the road is the greatest discovery in and of itself for those guided by innovation…

As the shades of green turn yellow with the arrival of fall, the compass now points to the city. Now is the time to go after what’s going on in the city. It is time to revive cultural life, make room for fresh ideas, listen to new voices, and dream. This is an endless journey; each new discovery leads to the next; every inspiring encounter leads to new acquaintances. And Beymen Club asks: ‘Where to now?’”

This stylish search for deeper meaning was illustrated for Fall/Winter ‘22 in Barcelona by director duo VIVIENNE & TAMAS c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL.

BEYMEN explains : “For the Fall/Winter ‘22 season, Beymen Club is adapting the individualistic attitude and courage of fashion to the urban atmosphere that comes alive this time of year. This fall, Beymen Club has partnered with two inspiring celebrities with distinctive individual styles and innovative attitudes : Büşra Develi and Birkan Sokullu.

This new season, Beymen Club has the formula for us – showing how to express ourselves with style while keeping up with the pace of urban life, as we hurry from one concert, exhibition, or festival to the next in search of the dynamic lifestyle we have been longing for. Every day of the week and every hour of the day.

Breathing life into dynamic looks, the unique designs, fits, and daring colors reflect the energy of Beymen Club women. The Fall/Winter ‘22 women’s collection features patterns reminiscent of geometric shapes and oil paintings. Quilted details, plush touches and technical fabrics make the designs stand out, while denims, a Beymen Club staple, pair comfort with sophisticated and modern style.

The Beymen Club ‘22 Fall/Winter men’s collection, conversely, incorporates different textures and colors to give casual clothing a contemporary and classy look & feel. Making a strong statement with a simple design language, the collection offers a stunning blend of jacquard knitwear and ecru, ice blue and camel tones, various textures with technical details, original prints and embroidery.

Weaving a brand-new narrative and paving the way for individual expression in the new season with this versatile Fall ‘22 collection, Beymen Club raises awareness for a better world in which natural resources are protected through sustainable designs.

Curiosity and movement are our two core constants. As long as we have them, there will always be new stories to tell. There is a long road ahead, and it is an utter joy to discover.”

Beymen is a chain of luxury department stores in Istanbul and is often compared to American retailer Bloomingdales. Since the middle of 2022, the Beymen Group has operated a total of 91,000 m2 retail space across a total of 244 department stores and specialist shops.

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