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GoSee Book Tip : GRAPHIC CONTENT by Raban Ruddigkeit – 50 graphic commentaries for Berlin daily paper DER TAGESSPIEGEL all bound in a glossy cover

In 2015, Raban Ruddigkeit started a weekly graphic commentary for Berlin daily paper DER TAGESSPIEGEL. Up until today, some 250 works have been published, from which around 50 have been selected for this black & white compilation, in addition to several personal graphic works which were created for social media and personal projects.⁠

RABAN RUDDIGKEIT – GRAPHIC CONTENT, 106 pages, English, Din A 5, black & white, paperback, glossy cover, published by Melville Brand Design, With an introduction by Holm Friebe, available for € 10 + shipping under https://100for10.com/product/graphic-content-raban-ruddigkeit

Raban is one of the most awarded creatives in Germany (Der Tagesspiegel) and one of the top 50 in Europe (Designfriends Luxembourg). In 2012, Ruddigkeit’s Atelier was awarded the Rookie Agency Of The Year Award by ADC for Germany. In 2016, his weekly graphic commentaries in DER TAGESSPIEGEL were awarded Illustration of the Year by the Lead Academy.
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'FREISTIL 7 - The Bible of Illustration' with 400 pages of exciting works by 157 illustrators from all over the world as a treasure trove, trend radar and source of inspiration

FREISTIL – The Bible of Illustration #7, 2021, has just been published. Title topic: 'Illustraction'. Edited & designed by Raban Ruddigkeit. With more than 600 color illustrations by more than 150 illustrators from ten countries, as well as a portrait of Art Spiegelman, interviews with Mahdi Karimzâde from Iran, Edel Rodríguez Molano from Kuba and Victoria Lomasko from Russia, plus remembering Honoré Daumier, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Käthe Kollwitz, Georg Grosz, and John Heartfield.⁠

“Illustration is more than the depiction of reality. Illustration exaggerates and intervenes,” Raban Ruddigkeit writes in the meanwhile seventh edition of FREISTIL. The hardcover book with two bookmarks and a cover made of stone paper in eight special colors, plays with the colors of the rainbow, the central theme of FREISTIL, for the seventh time and feels so good in your hand that you won’t want to put the Bible of Illustration back down again…

Editor Raban Rudigkeit continues: “Illustration is always more than the pure depiction of what is seen. It interprets and focuses. Illustrators create images in a way which you have never seen before. Images have the power to change the way those who see them think, behave and feel. Which is why the media and agency creatives are constantly in search of new talents and styles, trends and techniques.

Illustration confronts the flood of interchangeable photos caused by better and better cell phone cameras with powerful images. Freistil presents outstanding new works by 157 illustrators from all corners of the globe. Images that say more than a thousand words, making Freistil once again a treasure trove and trend radar, source of inspiration and documentation. Now for the seventh edition, with ample time in between so that there is truly plenty of new work to discover.

In times when it is necessary to take a stand for the freedom of the written word and of images, the editorial focus of Freistil is on illustration, which shows more than others see, or would like to. It illuminates the explosive political force of strong images and introduces you to illustrators who teach men in power the meaning of fear. Take Art Spiegelman for example who, with his underground comic Maus – A Survivor's Tale, tells the touching story of his father, a survivor of Auschwitz, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize.

Authoritarian systems fear the power of images. The more autocrats the world experiences, the greater the political significance of illustration becomes – but unfortunately, the risk for those who have the courage to hold a mirror to the world is also greater. This issue of Freistil is thus much more than an invitation to discover new talent.”

Freistil 7 – The Bible of Illustration
Text German | English, 376 pages with more than 600 color illustrations by 157 illustrators from ten countries, format 17 x 24 cm
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CALL FOR ENTRIES ! FREISTIL THE BIBLE OF ILLUSTRATION # 7 / 2020, to be released in November 2020 at publishing house Hermann Schmidt – so please apply now, deadline is 31 July, 2020

FREISTIL has been accompanying the renaissance of illustration for nearly 20 years and offers illustrators a high-quality platform. It showcases illustrative diversity and power, scouts new talents and presents the latest work of the stars of the scene. FREISTIL raises issues and addresses the topics that affect the scene. It also serves as the starting block for a number of illustrators’ careers. And for some art directors, FREISTIL saves the day: It’s where they’re guaranteed to find the look they want.

Raban Ruddigkeit: “Three years after the last issue, we will release FREISTIL 7 in fall 2020 featuring the best illustrators in the business and thrilling essays on the role of illustration in the media and communication sector and the role of the illustrator in an ever-changing society.”

THE JURY – to ensure a professional selection of illustrators, this year’s jury consists of: Esra Gülmen, Frank Höhne and Joni Majer. The editorial office, i.e. the jury, editor and publishing company, reserves the right not to include contributions which do not fulfill the quality standards of the book.

This issue features a two-page spread for each illustrator containing the work, contact information and references in addition to a statement about their personal perspective on the future of illustration. So if you too would would like to be among these illustrators and become a part of FREISTIL 7 – please apply by 31 July, 2020.

FREISTIL – THE BIBLE OF ILLUSTRATION, is published by Raban Ruddigkeit and is appearing at the publishing house Hermann Schmidt in November 2020. A two-page spread costs € 342.20 incl. VAT. Email any questions to Raban Ruddigkeit: raban@ruddigkeit.de or give him a call under +49(0)30 - 80 92 97 77 … Need more information on FREISTIL? GoSee : ruddigkeit.de/freistil
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