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news RAMP.PICTURES BY RAMP.SPACE presents you : SickAlps 2020, in photos captured by SSSZ PHOTO c/o ramp.pictures

Four days, three iconic numbers, two Alpine countries, a whole lot of serpentines : that pretty much describes the not-quite-everyday SickAlps 2020 trip in a nutshell. Twenty-five air-cooled Porsche 911s ensure plenty of driving pleasure in Austria and South Tyrol – and crank up the feel-good vibes, too.

What is pleasure? Something often difficult to put into words. So let’s try to do so with facts and numbers instead: A trip together in a Porsche. A guest house on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Two 400 km tours, 25 Porsche 911s, 43 participants, an endless number of serpentines. Or simply: all of the above. You could just call it SickAlps 2020. That’s the name of the four-day tour through Austria and the Italian Dolomites organized by Moritz Leidel c/o Flat6High5 and his wife Kerstin.

We have a retrospective for you in photos – and in the words of participants – on GoSee.NEWS :

“It was a bit like surfing on the perfect wave. When I look back, what first comes to mind is the...

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