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featured by RANKIN : ROYAL LONDON appoints two new brand ambassadors – SHAUNAGH BROWN and CLAIRE MOLLOY stood in front of RANKIN’s camera for the LIONS RUGBY FEASIBILITY REPORT

Royal London is welcoming rugby players Claire Molloy and Shaunagh Brown as Royal London Ambassadors alongside the brand sponsorship of the British and Irish Lions. Working with Claire and Shaunagh, Royal London aims to shine a light on women’s rugby, raising its profile in the wider sporting community and working to break down barriers currently holding women and young girls back from participating in rugby.

To celebrate their new roles as ambassadors, Claire and Shaunagh took part in a photo shoot with photographer and filmmaker Rankin on 4 August at his studio in London. Claire and Shaunagh will partner with Royal London in a number of ways to promote women’s rugby. Further details on the feasibility study exploring the establishment of a women’s Lions team are expected in the coming weeks.

Susie Logan, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Royal London, said : “We’re delighted to be joining forces with Claire and Shaunagh to make a positive impact on the continued success of women’s rugby. Claire and Shaunagh’s dedication and devotion to their sport are inspirational to women already enjoying the game and young girls looking to start their rugby journey.”

Claire Molloy said : “This is a major step towards making a viable Women’s Lions Tour and represents the women’s games never-ending march to gender equality in rugby.“

Royal London is a mutually owned company and is thus accountable to its customers first and foremost with regard to its investments. It’s investment in the Lions feasibility report reflects the enormous value the company places on gender equality as well as on its customers.

“As a Royal London ambassador, I hope to showcase how women’s rugby can be a commercially viable sport, bursting with fantastic role models for companies like Royal London to invest in and to grow the game for everyone.” Shaunagh Brown comments : “I was attracted to working with Royal London because of their ambitions for women and the future of women’s sport in order to level the playing field. It shows Royal London are ahead of the curve and a force for change and progression within an entire female generation. This is a reminder to the broader public that women are here for the long haul, and we are here to be taken seriously. Working with Royal London will help to amplify my voice as a force for good. As an ambassador, I hope to promote the growing acceptance of women not only rugby, but of women in all sports. To be able to reach Royal London’s large following and encourage people who are not usually interested in rugby or sport to take note. Sport can truly be life changing on all levels. “I am incredibly proud to be a part of the beginning of what could be an incredibly powerful relationship between Royal London, women and sport.”

Photographer and filmmaker Rankin says : “This summer, we’ve seen how incredible sport can be in transforming the lives of players, coaches and even spectators. We were all inspired; which is why it has been such a pleasure to photograph and profile these successful rugby players. Highlighting their talent helps to inspire change within the sport, and I’m super proud to have been a small part of that.”
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featured by RANKIN : ‘Proud Nation’ - Photographer and Director Jordan Rossi celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community in strong portraits and stories in coop with Stonewall Uprising, Models of Diversity, and creative agency RANKIN

What’s going on in the LGBTQIA+ community in 2021? This much is certain: It’s a lot more diverse and multifaceted than mainstream advertising would ever show. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to queer advertising. Photographer and Director Jordan Rossi presents a realistic cross section of the LGBTQIA+ community in his photo series ‘Proud Nation’. The campaign, including its own website, was revealed on 28 June with the support of Stonewall Uprising and Models of Diversity as well as creative agency RANKIN.

‘Proud Nation’ presents a broad spectrum with a variety of different public figures, including British Black Pride founder Lady Phyll, author Riyadh Khalaf, stylist and model Kyle De'Volle, actor Nathaniel Curtis, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ season two star Bimini Bon Boulash, and the original members of the Gay Liberation Front.

“I’ve always strived to create work that I wish I had seen when I was younger, and that’s precisely what this is. Representation in advertising is extremely narrow. Even in 2021. I wanted to create a snapshot of the community to reflect how it stands today. From disabled LGBTQ+ people, to those who are asexual, or even the original trailblazers who have fought for our rights, and the activists who are changing the perceptions of what it means to be LGBTQ+ in this day and age. It’s been an honor to work with and photograph so many inspiring and thought-provoking individuals,” says Jordan Rossi.

“As a charity, we have spent the last ten years campaigning for more diversity and inclusion for people of every age, size, color, ability and sexuality in the advertising industry. With more than a third of LGBTQ+ adults also identifying as having a disability, it was so important for us to collaborate on this innovative project to help highlight the intersection of disability and LGBTQ+. Both communities are seriously underrepresented in the media, and we love that this project not only represents the trailblazers of the past but also reflects the community of today. We hope these amazing images will help to combat ableism and discrimination in every area of society.”

A further interview with Jordan on the project is available on HUNGER MAGAZINE, and the individual stories behind those portrayed are on proudnation.co.uk.

After taking English Literature at university, Jordan Rossi joined Rankin Film Productions in 2012 and began working for prolific British fashion photographer and publisher Rankin. On New Year’s Day, HungerTV premiered the video for DOPEBOYLDN’s track ‘S.O.F.B.N. (Sick Of F*cking Being Nice)’ which Jordan directed. In 2017, Jordan’s directorial work continued to gain momentum with his short fashion films ‘THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS’ and ‘Spirits of the Dead’ being selected by the London Short Film Festival and Bokeh Fashion Film Festival, respectively. In November 2017, he collaborated with queer musician Sakima on his videos for ‘DFT’ and ‘Daddy’ – the latter of which premiered with Nylon Magazine and has racked up over 400,000 views online. Jordan’s work has been featured by the likes of Hunger, Nylon, Vogue Italia, PromoNews, Desnudo Homme, Coitus, ContendMode, IntoMore, and Reform The Funk. Jordan continues to write, direct and produce his own projects while working at Rankin Film Productions and Hunger.
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featured by RANKIN : ‘2020 in your pictures’ – the open call by star photographer RANKIN and British TV broadcaster SKY ARTS on GoSee is looking for the best photos of the Year of COVID-19

So far, 2020 has been a wild ride. We’d be inclined to think it was all a bad dream, were it not for everyone out there documenting their brave new world. To celebrate the power of photography and its ability to provide a sense of stability in these strange and unprecedented times, Rankin has teamed up with SKY ARTS UK to capture the spirit of 2020 through images. So join our friend Rankin on his mission to capture the spirit of 2020.

From now until 23 August, Rankin is inviting amateurs and professionals alike to take a photograph, or submit something from their back catalogue, that represents their year in 2020, across the categories: Family, Fun, Self, Beauty, Empathy, and Nature. To take part, the photos should be posted on Instagram, tagging the handle @2020rankin and the hashtag #2020rankin in the description, along with the chosen category.

From September, Rankin will hand-select his favorite submissions with the help of special celebrity guests in the upcoming Sky Arts television series Rankin’s 2020. Alongside uplifting new talent, every episode will feature a technical masterclass by Rankin for photography fans at home to hone their craft.

Rankin’s 2020 is an open call – Any camera can be used, and everyone is invited to take part, no matter their background or how many followers they have. As Rankin explains: “Rankin’s 2020 is an open call to anybody who thinks they can take a great picture. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never taken a photograph before or you’re a professional, I want to see your view of our world. Together we can document this crazy year and make something positive out of it.” So get shooting! GoSee : 2020rankin.com

On broadbandtvnews.com, we read: “Sky Arts, the UK’s only channel dedicated to arts and culture, is going to be made free for everyone this September (2020). With a renewed focus on bringing more of the arts to more people, Sky Arts will embark on an ambitious program of activity to support and champion the arts – putting artists, creatives, and public participation center stage on a channel that everyone across the UK can watch on Freeview. The move to become free-to-air will include a bold new slate of original programs and increased and deepened partnerships with artists and arts organizations, providing them with a platform to create and showcase their work. And to support new talent, the channel will launch a series of bursaries worth £30,000 each, that will see leading figures from the arts support and mentor diverse and emerging new artists… ” GoSee : broadbandtvnews.com////sky-arts-to-become-a-free-to-air-channel.
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