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‘A Hypnotic Journey’ by Alessandra Kila with FULL CGI by RECOM CGI

RECOM presents us her FULL CGI project ‘Hypnotic Journey’ with Alessandra KILA c/o EMEIS DEUBEL, which creatively stages one piece of chanel jewelry in each video.

“Through the mechanical and perpetual movements of diamonds, malachite, tourmaline and pearls, the viewer is taken from a rational state of mind to a trance-like hallucination where both image and colors react to the altered state of mind. Jewels are real, but they are also a subconscious reality that exists as a state of desire in our mind,” says Alessandra Kila.

RECOM : “Follow Alessandra Kila into a world of hypnotic machines with enthralling perpetual movement. Working closely with our London studio, a triptych of FULL CGI videos evolved, each featuring a piece of Chanel jewelry functioning like an entrancing device: a necklace oscillates like a pendulum, a ring repeats the pattern of a spinning machine, and a bracelet echoes the circular movements of a gyroscope.”
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RECOM in charge of creative retouch for the neon bathroom world of the AXOR Edge Collection (photos: Bohman Sjöstrand)

The elegant AXOR Edge bathroom collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud is a masterpiece for the bathroom. With a cube as the predominant design element, the fitting becomes an architectural sculpture on the washbasin, in the shower and in the bathtub. High-gloss polished, ultra-precise edges and planes crafted with a diamond manufacturing process. Extravagant through fine, three-dimensional structures. RECOM was in charge of post production of the neon bathroom world motifs, photographed by Bohman Sjöstrand ( + MARTIN ET KARCZINSKI).

AXOR Edge : “The fittings of the bathroom collection are crafted into true masterpieces by means of a diamond-cutting technique. The manufacturing process, originally used in the laser and space industries and developed to meet the strict requirements in the production of AXOR fittings, assures accurate planes and contours on the AXOR Edge. They reflect the light like a mirror. With a brilliant high-gloss finish.”
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RECOM took care of post production for the project Sup Jorden’ – photographed by Tim Adorf with a Lamborghini Diablo at Miami’s South Beach

Photographer Tim Adorf c/o CLAUDIA BITZER drew inspiration for his project from Miami’s bodybuilding culture of the 90s. ‘Sup Jorden’ is a colorful mix of automotive and still life CGI with fashion photography and graphic design. RECOM was in charge of post production (styling: Stephanie Wüstemann, graphic design: Maison CC, creative direction: recom berlin).

“Turbo-Dial us on our Motorola Micro-Tac and let us take you back to Miami’s South Beach in the mid 1990s. Photographer Tim Adorf was inspired by the look of the local bodybuilding culture of that time, to create this wildly inventive series that combines automotive and still life CGI with fashion photography and a dash of graphic design, resulting in an atmospheric slice of 90s Miami life. You can almost smell the CK One…

Adorf found his own personal Muscle Beach in a tiled carport in Barcelona, the perfect setting for the eye-popping physique of model Uri Garcia. The freedom of CGI meant that they could choose one of the most iconic cars of that era, the Lamborghini Diablo. It was a perfect fit for this series! The CGI team made the dream real in a very 1990s shade of metallic purple.

RECOM came up with simplified and stylish angle suggestions and rough crop tests of the larger shots, slowly adding variants to the series. Stylist Stephanie Wüstemann sourced a state-of-the-art (in 1997) Motorola mobile phone, which RECOM then modeled in CGI. Using the same angles for the car shots and the phone, the team brought the series together.

Based on the original manual, Maison CC worked on the design – their laser focus on the mood of advertisement product shots of the time made the 1990s aesthetics as tight as purple spandex! Dreamboat posters and ripped out magazine advert pages add to the vintage character.

Finally, the post artists of RECOM BERLIN pumped up the grade and buffed the series to perfection. Enjoy the ride, with a suitably rad soundtrack for your DiscMan provided here…Yellow sport earphones mandatory.” Open Spotify
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