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news featured by Emeis Deubel Feel good with KNEIPP – lifestyle motifs shot while filming by Autumn SONNICHSEN c/o EMEIS DEUBEL for Serviceplan in Chile

When it comes to sunny, authentic photos of human bonds and intimacy paired with a spirit of adventure and amazement, Autumn SONNICHSEN c/o EMEIS DEUBEL is the perfect choice. The photographer and director lives in Berlin and São Paulo. A native of Los Angeles, she grew up surrounded by sunshine and still follows the light around the world. For instance, for the client KNEIPP. Serviceplan commissioned Autumn with a campaign in parallel to the TVC shoot in Chile.

Goodhouse took care of production, and GoSee Member RETOUCHED was in charge of post.

KNEIPP stands for more happy moments in everyday life and presents new feel-good products in the Fall campaign. A reenergizing shower that restores vitality. A deeply relaxing bath to slow things down a bit. The feeling of soft skin after putting on cream. With the campaign, the company steeped in tradition would like to combine its age-old love of nature with a modern lifestyle. The visual language, in particular, has drastically changed.

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