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#IAMTHESUNCHILD – the campaign for the new women’s fragrance LALIQUE SOLEIL VIBRANT with post production by RETOUCHED-STUDIOS

With LALIQUE SOLEIL VIBRANT Eau de Parfum, the glass and fragrance manufacturer has succeeded in creating the perfect summer scent. The campaign was photographed by Anna Rosa Krau c/o Talent And Partner, with post taken care of by RETOUCHED STUDIOS.

The chain on the extraordinary flacon with its stylized rays of the sun and color gradient can be removed and worn as jewelry. Lalique is a French brand which has manufactured beautiful glassware since 1888. Since 1992, Lalique also creates perfumes.

Luminous, warm, wildly sensuous, Soleil Vibrant Lalique reinvents the spirit of Lalique’s exhilarating Soleil collection with an entirely original formula featuring stellar sustainable natural ingredients. A fragrance that smells as delicious as sun-kissed skin.
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For everyone who loves. CHRIST Wedding campaign by photographer Luca Campri and post by RETOUCHED-STUDIOS

RETOUCHED STUDIOS was in charge of finishing the CHRIST WEDDING campaign, photographed by Luca Campri (Production: Parasol Island, Hair: Salomon Diaz, Styling: Valentino Perini, Fashion Editor, Stylist: Raffaella Campeggi c/o Shotview Management).
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#BeMyAlly – RETOUCHED STUDIOS GMBH post-produces the Stilnest x Klarna campaign in support of LGBTQIA+* community

“With my necklace, I would like to draw attention to the injustices that queer people still suffer all over the world. Which is why I am committed to making sure queer members of the BIPOC community receive more attention in society.” dancer Antony Franz says about the design of his necklace.

“I wanted this to be a bold bracelet that would occupy space, just like queers historically have repeatedly occupied space in a heteronormative world. ‘Bye, Bye’ stands for: ‘Bye, Bye Normalitity’ and “Hello and look at you: LGBTQIA+!” Tarik Tesfu says about the design of his bracelet.

“With my ring, I want to make it clear that modern, self-chosen families – like my own queer family – can give an enormous amount of love and support. To me, the ring means trust, a promise that we give our queer communities and queer families every day.” Ebru Düzgün says about the design of her ring.

“My earrings reflect the diversity of being trans. Everyone should listen and observe attentively and respectfully. It’s important to accept all genders.” Phenix Kühner says about the design of her earrings.

As part of #BeMyAlly, Klarna and Stilnest gave four queer personalities a platform to communicate important issues of the community to a broader audience. They designed four individual pieces of jewelry, the designs of which are based on personal experiences, emotional stories and doctrines. The focus is on the topics sexuality, rascism, stereotypes and gender roles.

By purchasing a piece of jewelry from the #BeMyAlly collection, you take a stand against discrimination, stigmatization and exclusion of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPoC community as well as in favor of unlearning and re-evaluating behavior patterns and paradigms. 10 % of the proceeds from each piece of jewelry sold from the #BeMyAlly collection goes to the three charitable organizations named by the talents : GLADT e.V., Voices4Berlin and Checkpoint BLN. Klarna is supporting them additionally with a five-figure contribution.

The campaign was photographed by Kapturing c/o Stoever photographers for Studio O Agency of founder Oliver Jopke. Post production by RETOUCHED STUDIOS.

Klarna is a Swedish payment provider headquartered in Stockholm. The company offers payment solutions in the e-commerce sector. Its core service is to take merchants’ payment claims and process their customer payments from that point on.

Stilnest is an online jewelry company based in Berlin. Stilnest is known for working with social media stars and celebrities, such as British YouTube star Anna Saccone, German YouTube star and actress Nilam Farooq and German model Stefanie Giesinger. The company currently ships to 65 countries worldwide.

GoSee : klarna.com & stilnestretouched.de

Dancer: Antony Franz
Hip hop artist: Ebru Düzgün
Host: Tarik Tesfu
Trans activist: Phenix

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