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Stephan Romer


Landscape · Transportation · CGI
Düsseldorf, New Zealand
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news featured by NZONDEMAND Drive your creative vision without even leaving your desk. NZONDEMAND - the backplate specialists from New Zealand and Australia - with workflows for Taycan Tequipment, Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayenne E3 and 911 Targa on GoSee

Immaculate backgrounds in high-res of impressive coastal streets, mountain passes, green meadows or desert landscapes are all offered by NZONDEMAND, the specialist for imagery Made In New Zealand/Australia. The transportation specialists present new projects here on GoSee.

Their backplates were used for the 911 Targa, Porsche Cayenne E3 and the Porsche Boxster (CGI and post production by Circle Media London). Taycan Tequipment was also thrilled by the backplates from NZONDEMAND, and Dock2Studios Hamburg integrated the cars into the image afterwards via CGI and post production.

“And this is how it works: You come up with a campaign, an ad, simply something that requires a nice road in a beautiful landscape to integrate a car. We will send you a few ideas where to shoot the backplates. If you are happy with our suggestions, all we have to do is agree on a budget. Private roads around the corner are obviously a lot more affordable than blocking one of the main highways. As soon as we’ve...

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