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PHILIPP RUPPRECHT stages the MERCEDES-BENZ Vision One-Eleven for Top Gear UK

PHILIPP RUPPRECHT photographed the visionary interpretation of an iconic brand of the 1970s – the MERCEDES-BENZ Vision One-Eleven. The shoot for Top Gear UK took place at the studio of Akka in Stuttgart. Creative Director was Andy Franklin.

With the model, the carmaker presents its new sports car study – combining a highly dynamic design language with innovative, all-electric powertrain technology. The development of this design, including iconic gullwing doors, underscores the positioning of the Mercedes-Benz brand, which stands for ICONIC LUXURY.

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, on the concept vehicle : “Our goal at Mercedes-Benz is not to do styling – our goal is to create icons. To me, that makes the difference between mainstream design and luxury. Design icons like the Type 300 SL and C 111 – both with gullwing doors – are part of our DNA. These legendary vehicles were major inspirations for the iconic design of the Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven. This is beauty and the extraordinary united in one vision of the future. Our all-electric vision show car is the modern-day interpretation of the C 111, which was avant-garde at the time.”

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The new Lamborghini Urus S revving up at the starting line ! PHILIPP RUPPRECHT photographs the Super SUV for LAMBORGHINI

The global delivery of the new Lamborghini Urus S, the replacement for the original Urus, has begun. Customers who submitted their order in time will now be receiving their brand-new Lamborghini Super SUV very soon. And so the wait doesn’t seem quite so long, we present you motifs of the new stars in the Lamborghini firmament, captured by PHILIPP RUPPRECHT.

“This is an eloquent Lamborghini Urus design: By elevating the looks of the Urus S, born from the sportiest proportions in the SUV segment, we’re emphasizing its stylish but dynamic nature and offering even more options for our customers to customize their vehicles. Customers can choose from more than 60 colors for the exterior, and new shades of leather for the interior have been introduced to accentuate the sophisticated lines of the Urus S, confirming Lamborghini as a trendsetter in terms of colors and materials,” we quote Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Automobili Lamborghini.

The new Urus S is powerful, cultivated and versatile on all roads – and that regardless of the conditions : It’s the ultimate lifestyle Super SUV with specific, sophisticated enhancements on the design front that bolster its blend of sporty personality and refined style, ensuring that it is unmistakable in any setting.

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NEW : PHILIPP RUPPRECHT, transportation photographer, Munich, with the new 499p, a Lamborghini parachute shoot, and MERCEDES X TENNIS on GoSee

We are delighted to welcome photographer and videographer PHILIPP RUPPRECHT at GoSee. And here on GoSee, he presents us a production with the Ferrari 499p, a Lamborghini parachute shoot, plus a playful sporty shoot with a Mercedes on a tennis court.

“I am a car photographer from southern Germany. Having photographed cars since the age of sixteen, I can now look back on thirteen years of experience doing what I love most: Creating drama with cars. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a luxurious hypercar or a low budget shitbox, I’m on the lookout for that bit of character hidden in almost every car and do my best to make it visible.” Philipp Rupprecht, photographer.

Philipp continues : “It’s not pressing the shutter, it’s the ‘working two days in one’, the ‘road trips over night to the most remote places imaginable to be ready to shoot just in time for sunset at 05:00 am the next morning’, the ‘working with people you only knew from Zoom calls until a day before, and now you’re on completely the same vibe pushing for what you think is the most beautiful way to present this specific car’ that makes producing photography the very best thing in the world to me.”

Philipp is looking forward to feedback of any kind – and we will, of course, keep you posted from now on regarding his new adventures.

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