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News // 52 News by Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter

‘Special Occasion Location’ model Agnes Sokolowska in a production by SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER for FACES MAGAZINE

A suit is like the fist bump of a good friend or your mom reminding you to sit up straight. It makes us feel invincible, ready to rule the world and take our place at the top of the podium… That’s how FACES presents the spread ‘Special Occasion Location’ by Sacha Höchstetter. “This creative fashion editorial was realized thanks to great teamwork from all artists who were part of it, and expressive model Agnes Sokolowska flexed her skills when it comes to the strong and contemporary art of posing,” says Sacha (styling by Jeanna Krichel, hair & make-up by Suzana Santalab).
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04651/ sylt - a trip in a bag - the Spring/Summer 2021 collection photographed by SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER on the impressive Canary Island of Tenerife

Finest quality, a particular love of nature paired with a touch of luxury : 04651/ presents new colors, relaxed cuts and a new Oyster capsule collection. SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER photographed the Spring/Summer 2021 collection for German label 04651/ sylt - a trip in a bag on the Canary Island of Tenerife. “The location and the attitude in the poses struck by the models underscored the storytelling and cinematic character of the campaign,” Sacha tells us. Styling was in the hands of Atith Kotsomba, with whom Sacha also took care of creative direction.

“The Spring 2021 collection has an even more prominent casual appeal than the previous collections. It is even more laid-back and conveys more summer feeling than ever,” says Matthias Garske, CCO of 04651/. New nuances such as Berry, Olive, Camel and Charcoal are complemented by the classic Nordic color palette. Sustainable from the very first day, 04651/ has always relied on timeless essentials of exclusive quality. The untouched nature of Sylt served as the source of inspiration for the Nordic label which is available meanwhile in more than 80 retail stores and hotels in Europe, Canada and the US.

The famous Sylt beach baskets depicted on swimming trunks and shirts are now accompanied by a further maritime symbol which has its origin on the North Atlantic island: a knitted picture of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, which Matthias Garske discovered on an old Sylt Friesian tile and reinterpreted.
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‘Social Distortion’ eyewear & denim editorial in fisheye lens style by SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER for SPECTR MAGAZINE

SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER photographed once again for SPECTR MAGAZINE: “This expressive eyewear fashion editorial was realized with a fisheye lens to emphasize the distortions of human beings. The idea was to cross over denim with eyewear and, at the same time, to cross over different ethnic groups to show the diversity and imperfection of mankind,”  Sacha tells GoSee. In charge of the perfect symbiosis between denim and eyewear models was stylist Konstantinos Gkoumpetis, with hair & make-up by Sigi Kumpfmüller, and in front of Sacha’s camera stood Niklas Köhler, Raquel Pino and Lara Rossi.
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